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Fuller House EPs Talk D.J. and Steve's Premiere Fumble: 'He Jumped the Gun'

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Given that D.J. is still mourning her firefighter husband on Fuller House, her inevitable reunion with high-school sweetheart Steve will require a bit of patience from fans. Unfortunately, as we saw in the premiere, patience isn’t exactly Steve’s forte.

“It seemed like he jumped the gun a little,” series creator Jeff Franklin admits to TVLine, referring to the way Steve basically pounced on his ex-girlfriend within a minute of stepping into her childhood home. But his answer also brings hope, as he adds, “That’s maybe a hint of something to come. … She’s single, she’s dating and Steve’s still around, so we’ll see what happens.”

One couple you shouldn’t hold your breath for, on the other hand, is Ramona and Jackson. Despite being hormonal teenagers living under the same roof, Franklin says that Kimmy’s daughter and D.J.’s son “are going to come to think of each other as brother and sister.”

Executive producer Robert Boyett refers to D.J. and Kimmy’s collective brood as a “step family” of sorts, meant to reflect the different types of home situations in America today. Staying true to the times is also the reason some of the humor — including a not-so-subtle masturbation joke in Episode 4 — is more risqué than the gags you might have seen on Full House.

“It’s more contemporary, more real,” Boyett explains. “Families talk more openly [than they did when Full House was on the air]. Children are much more exposed to everything because of social media, and even the things they see in film and on television. We wanted to be authentic, not just edgy for the sake of being edgy. … Kids are much more sophisticated today, so some of their conversations with their parents are more adult than they used to be.”

Your thoughts on Fuller House‘s series premiere? Hopes for D.J. and Steve? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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