Fuller House Series Premiere Recap: Grade the Tanners' Return to Television

Fuller House Recap

Something monumental occurred in the wee hours of the morning on Friday, Feb. 26. The milkman felt it. The paperboy felt it. Did you feel it?

I’m talking, of course, about the arrival of Netflix’s Fuller House, a direct continuation of the classic ABC sitcom Full House, featuring many of the familiar characters you know and love. (Comet wanted to be there, but he’s busy… elsewhere.)

Ravages of time aside, everyone is exactly how you remember them: Danny’s still a neat freak of above-average height, now with a hot young wife for some reason; Joey’s still flying solo, with only his outdated Bullwinkle references to keep himself and Mr. Woodchuck warm at night; and Jesse and Becky, whose twins are now “hella” grown up, remain the finest specimens ever to grace the Tanners’ kitchen. (No offense to that goddess Mrs. Carruthers.)

The kids, meanwhile, have done quite a bit of evolving over the past two decades: D.J. is newly widowed — her firefighter husband “died doing what he loved,” a story she now uses to bring down the mood at parties — and has three boys to look after, in addition to running a pet clinic; Stephanie is now an occasionally British DJ with no kids, no responsibilities and no money; and Kimmy is a professional party planner with a teenage daughter and an unfaithful-yet-endearing ex-husband who still yearns for her tantric touch.

The series premiere finds the whole gang — sans Michelle, who’s “busy running her fashion empire in New York” [insert insanely long pause for joke here] — coming together for one last party before Danny sells the house and moves to Los Angeles. But when it becomes apparent, via the time-honored tradition of baby-monitor eavesdropping, that D.J. still isn’t ready to face life as a single mom, Team Tanner implements a change of plans: Danny takes the house off the market, allowing D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy to move in and start the vicious cycle Circle of Life all over again.

I’ve already weighed in with my thoughts on the Fuller House premiere, so I think it’s time to hear from you guys. Here are a few talking points for the comments section:

* The Tanners’ totally spontaneous, not-at-all-rehearsed sing-along of “Forever.”

* Steve’s waste-no-time approach to wooing his widowed ex-girlfriend.

* D.J.’s son Max’s Donald Trump joke, which was apparently not dubbed in later, the show’s executive producers assure TVLine.

* The arrival of a fourth generation of Evil Comets.

* Kimmy and Danny’s long-awaited hug. (Anybody else ‘shipping those two? You know Danny was hiding his intrigue when Fernando brought up Kimmy’s Kama Sutra knowledge, hot wife be damned.)

* The episode-ending performance of the Flinstones theme song — a lovely nod to Full House‘s premiere, though I have to curmudgeonly wonder if kids in 2016 would actually know those lyrics.

* Anyone else suspect Joey is lying about doing 10 shows a week at the Venetian? I didn’t think good things were supposed to happen to him in this universe. I’m glad I was wrong.

OK, you have your marching orders. Grade the Fuller House premiere below, then drop a comment with your full critique of the episode. Was it everything you hoped it would be?

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