Scandal Mystery: Who Is This Masked Man? (And Does This Hint at a Death?)

One of the Scandal actors got plastered — but why? (And should we be worried?)

Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz on the ABC drama, shared on Instagram this photo of a (what appears to be male) cast member’s head getting fitted for a plaster cast. The reasons for such a procedure are few, a frequent one being that the special effects team needs to make a “dummy” head for a stunt scene (e.g. a gruesome gunshot to the noggin; see The Walking Dead‘s Carl).

Then again, the purpose could be as benign as creating a bust of exiting President Grant, for display in a museum or some such. Zzzzzz.

Or… if we want to go all Mission Impossible on this thing… the special effects folks could be creating a latex mask of the actor, for the purpose of, say, Cyrus “peeling off” his face in the season finale to reveal he is really Billy Chambers!

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OK, enough (sometimes-silly) speculation by me. Hit the Comments with your own theories on who this (married?) actor is, and why the plaster cast.