Code Black Finale Poll: Does the Medical Drama Deserve a Season 2?

Code Black Finale Recap

Code Black wrapped its freshman season on Wednesday with an exposed addiction and unexpected heartbreak  — but did it get your pulse racing enough to warrant a second season?

First, let’s recap the major highlights of the hour…

The big news: Angus is officially hooked on Adderall, and it’s starting to affect his work. Ex-addict Mario recognizes a drug user when he sees one and confronts Angus, who just denies the allegations. Mario, in turn, tells Dr. Mike Leighton (Tommy Dewey) the truth about his bro’s addiction, and Mike promises to find someone Angus can confide in about his troubles.

Quick aside: Excess Adderall use apparently depletes an individual’s humanity, because, at one point, Angus appears to be creepily devoid of emotion while talking to Mario and Malaya about a patient he mishandled. On the subject of killing someone, Angus says, “Wouldn’t matter if I did. What would happen? Nothing.” That is definitely not the Angus we met in the pilot.

Elsewhere, Christa overhears Grace (Meagan Good) confess that she and Neal were supposed to go to Haiti together. Neal assures his current girlfriend that she doesn’t need to be insecure about the past. He then explains the real reason he didn’t leave with Grace: she said no to his proposal. Later, Christa tells him she “can’t do this” because she “won’t be anybody’s second choice.”

And, on that note, Code Black Season 1 comes to an end, and we repurpose the question posed in the headline above: Does the medical drama deserve a second season? This particular viewer is torn. Too often the balance between the medical and personal storylines felt off. On the flipside, the ensemble is aces. Perhaps a second season is needed to give the show a chance to truly find itself?

Grade the Code Black season ender via Poll No. 1, and then weigh in on the Season 2 question via Poll No. 2. And then expand on your poll selections in the comments! 

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