Pretty Little Liars Recap: Dreading Bells

Pretty Little Liars Recap

Marriage was all anyone could talk about on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars. Well, marriage and murder. (Come on, people, we’re still in Rosewood.)

Let’s start with the least-surprising surprise: Elliott popped the question to Alison, and considering her name was “Alison Rollins” during that flash-forward in the summer finale, I hope none of you were surprised that she said yes.

Of course, his proposal didn’t exactly come under the happiest circumstances. Thanks to a suggestive text from the girls’ new stalker, Ali blamed herself for Charlotte’s death; her sister ran away from home that night after Ali told her she was in a relationship with her doctor.

But is Ali really to blame? Not if you ask Hanna and Emily…

SISTER, CRACKED | We learned this week that Hanna and Melissa “Hot Mess” Hastings bumped into each other in London a few years back. Spencer’s lushy sister shared that Wren dumped her after getting a phone call from Charlotte — possibly about the Bethany Young fiasco — and posed this incriminating question: “If she’s willing to tell him, who else is she going to tell?” If you pair this with Damian’s reveal that Melissa was in town before Charlotte was released, it sure does make her look guilty. (But did she also try to run Emily over this week? I’ve always assumed Melissa was a terrible driver, so I wouldn’t be surprised.)

HASTY EXIT | Haven’t the Liars and their loved ones learned by now that no good deed goes unpunished? Caleb managed to encrypt Spencer’s mother’s medical records, but when it was leaked that Yvonne had an abortion — which is a major problem, considering her mother is running on a pro-life platform — the investigators traced it back to Caleb. Despite Spencer’s pleas, Caleb dismissed himself from Veronica’s campaign… and moved out of Chez Hastings. Is this the end of #Spaleb? (I mean, I figured they weren’t forever, but I expected them to last longer than this.)

AN ELLA-GANT CEREMONY | But because I like to end things on a high note… Ella and Byron got re-married this week! It was a lovely, albeit sparsely, service — seriously, Mike couldn’t have visited from Beacon Hills college for this? — officiated by Aria, who solidified her relationship with Liam after he learned about her history with Ezra.

Lingering Questions:

* Was that Mona disguised as a hotel maid?

* Am I crazy, or is Emily’s egg subplot kind of ridiculous? Like, even for PLL?

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? New theories about the girls’ two stalkers? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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