Big Bang Recap: She's Having My Baby

The cat in the cradle’s out of the bag!

On Thursday’s Big Bang Theory, Bernadette revealed to Howard that she’s pregnant with their first child, leaving Howard to grapple with what it truly means to be a father.

In “The Positive Negative Reaction,” Bernadette exposes Howard to her secret via a Post-It note scavenger hunt. While initially overjoyed with the idea of being a dad, his excitement quickly transforms into anxiety about whether he and Bernadette are capable of becoming good parents.

While Leonard and Raj are incredibly happy for Howard, Sheldon worries that the addition of a second baby will jeopardize sacred group traditions, including trips to Stuart’s comic book store and weekly video-game nights. (Did this read as meta commentary to anyone else on how a baby can sometimes put a damper on a sitcom’s overall quality?) Penny and Amy take the news better than Sheldon, though Bernadette’s surprise is ruined when Penny inadvertently spoils it via a text from Leonard.

The guys attempt to calm Howard’s nerves by taking him out for celebratory drinks at a nearby tiki bar, but it instantly becomes a venue for the dad-to-be to dole out all of his concerns, stressing over whether he’ll be able to financially support a child on his current CalTech salary. Unlike Leonard and Raj, Sheldon’s too drunk to care, at least initially. It isn’t until later that he tells his friend exactly what he needs to hear: his pent-up daddy/abandonment issues will motivate him to be the best darn father he can be.

Back at the house, Bernadette voices her dissatisfaction with Howard’s underwhelming reaction to her news (and in the process reveals that she and Howard conceived their first child-to-be on Sheldon’s bed!). Afterwards, she sends herself into a minor depression about all of the things she can’t do while pregnant, such as drink wine, eat sushi or relax in her new hot tub. Thankfully, all of her stress is alleviated when she and the girls meet up with the guys and Howard assures her that he’s excited about entering parenthood. (Leonard and Penny also get to talking about babies once back at the apartment, but ultimately decide they’re not mature enough for such a responsibility as long as they take joy in drawing on Sheldon’s face with magic marker.)

Later, in a belated effort to truly celebrate Howard and Bernadette’s news, everyone takes part in karaoke; Leonard and Raj belt out Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It,” Penny and Amy duet on Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” and Howard attempts to serenade Bernadette with the Paul Anka classic “Having My Baby” before getting interrupted by Sheldon, who has since learned about the location of Baby Wolowitz’s conception.

What did you think of tonight’s Big Bang? Will Howard and Bernadette make good parents? Sound off below.

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