The Flash Recap: Cannon Fodder — Plus, What Was Iron Mask's Message?

Flash Zoom Takes Jay Garrick

This Tuesday on The CW’s The Flash, Cisco and Harry teamed with Earth-Two’s Iris and Barry (plus an unexpected ally) to rescue their speedster from Zoom and return home. Meanwhile on Earth-One, Caitlin scrambled to perfect Velocity-9 and Iris met her new anti-Flash editor.

Held captive in Zoom’s lair (yes, Harry, it’s a lair), Barry did his best to keep up cellmate Jesse Wells’ spirits, in part by singing the praises of her father, who he notes has never made a decision that wasnt in the name of saving his girl. As for the matter of Zoom’s third prisoner, a man trapped in an iron mask, Barry deduced that he was trying to communicate with them using a 5×5 tap code. But by the time Zoom arrives to hush up the prisoners (and give Barry a brutal beating), all the mystery man can get out is “JAY” — as in Garrick, Barry confirms.

Meanwhile, Cisco debriefed Harry on what all went down with his evil doppelgänger and Deathstorm (both of whom Zoom killed) and Killer Frost (who had been spared). When they are interrupted by some “tough talk” from angry captive Barry-Two, they get the idea to send him to the CCPD to read in Iris on the out-of-this-world situation. With alt-Barry’s help, they get a bead on where Killer Frost might be hanging, and head out to find her with the hope that she can lead them to Zoom.

Frost, upon being approached, puts up a fight. But as hoped, Cisco’s words about how much our Caitlin loved her Ronnie and was similarly devastated by his death eventually melt the ice queen’s heart, and she agrees to take them to the Cliffs of Insanity Ascension Cliffs. There, she whips up an icy means to scale the cliff wall — which even alt-Barry in his wingtips is able to do!

Back on Earth-One, Iris’ new editor, Scott Evans, derides her “puff” coverage of The Flash and demands that she out the speedster for being the disappointing hero he is, seeing as Geomancer is running roughshod over the city. Iris counter-offers to profile the new Flash that has been spied in town — and lucky for her, Caitlin perfects Velocity-9 in time for Jay to save a load of people from a crumbling hospital. But afterward, as Jay is catching a nap, Geomancer waltzes into S.T.A.R. Labs (as people do) and terrorizes both Caitlin and Iris — until the former sneaks up on him with the metahuman boot gun. Joe hauls the Earth-quaking meta to Iron Heights vs. the Pipeline (which in my mind seems like a simply awful idea).

Alas, during his storming of S.T.A.R. Labs, Geomancer destabilized the breach, forcing Jay into a race against time to fix the gateway in time for Barry & Co.’s imminent (hopeful!) return….

At Zoom’s lair, Killer Frost breaks Jesse free of her chains, and Barry, with encouragement from his nerdier self, is finally able to phase through his cell wall. Zoom, however, arrives and begins delivering  beatdowns, until a vengeful Killer Frost unleashes her freeze ray on him long enough for almost everyone (save for the man in the iron mask) to get away. Back on Earth-One, Jay creates a vortex to restabilize the breach while Joe valiantly flips a series of switches, resetting the gizmo just in time for Cisco and Jesse to leap through. Back on the other side, Zoom is poised to kill Harry when Barry grabs Wells and quickly takes him to Earth-One.

Jay then lobs the “football” bomb into this final breach to power it down, but he makes the silly mistake of doing all but an end zone dance right next to the withering portal, allowing Zoom to thrust forth one of his ugly mitts to grab the speedster and yank him back through the speed cannon to Earth-Two, as a crestfallen Caitlin cries, “Nooooo!”

What did you think of “Escape From Earth-Two”? And what did Iron Mask’s “JAY” message mean?

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