Shadowhunters' Maxim Roy Defends Jocelyn, Previews More Past Reveals

Shadowhunters Jocelyn

Shadowhunters is peeling back a few layers on the mysterious onion that is Jocelyn Fray Fairchild.

Tuesday’s episode (Freeform, 9/8c) delves into her untold history, which should encourage viewers to feel a little more sympathy for Clary’s comatose mother — something actress Maxim Roy has tried to achieve through her performance since Day 1.

“I read fan comments, and I know some people don’t like Jocelyn because she hid the truth from Clary,” Roy admits. “I felt she was misunderstood, so it was really important to me to portray her in a good light. … Her goal was always to come clean and be honest, and she regretted not doing it sooner. Personally, I would have told her sooner — at least a couple of days before her 18th birthday.”

Additionally, the flashback episode will shed new light on Jocelyn’s history with Valentine, another sore spot for the sleeping Shadowhunter. “I think she’s a heartbroken woman,” Roy explains. “Jocelyn really did love Valentine, truly, and she was torn when it came to leaving him.”

Shadowhunters Jocelyn(Side note: Although Jocelyn, Luke and Valentine are played by younger actors in most of the flashbacks — Susanna Fournier, Nykeem Provo and Owen Roth, pictured to the right — Roy says we will also see her in the role of Clary’s mother.)

And here’s one final tease to send you on your way: “Episode 10 is a lot of fun,” Roy says. “It’s something that’s not in the books, and the fans are either going to love it or hate it, but I thought it was so interesting. Basically, all of our characters are the opposite of what they are.”

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