American Crime's Connor Jessup: Taylor At 'Lowest Point' After Leland Attack

Connor Jessup American Crime

American Crime fans, consider yourselves warned: By the time the credits roll on Wednesday’s episode, Taylor Blaine will be irrevocably changed.

For the past six weeks, Connor Jessup‘s distressed character has tried to put the kibosh on any further rape investigation at Leland High, if only to stop the pain being caused to him and his loved ones.

But on the heels of getting jumped by the school’s basketball team — a trap he was led into last week by captain Eric Tanner — Taylor will be on the hunt for vengeance in the ABC drama’s next installment (10/9c), according to Jessup.

“When we pick up at the beginning of Episode 7, he really is at the lowest point that he’s been at, and you know that that’s saying something,” Jessup tells TVLine. “He becomes increasingly aware that [the sexual assault] isn’t something that’s just going to vanish. He’s kept saying that he wants it to go away, he wants people to stop talking about it, but that’s not going to happen. It’s only getting worse and bigger.”

Taylor’s mom, Anne, will be caught in the crosshairs more than ever, when her medical records are illegally posted online — and the community becomes even more skeptical of her intentions, after unsavory information is revealed.

“For Taylor — whose whole thing this season has been that he doesn’t want to put more weight on [his mom] — this is more or less the worst thing that could happen in his mind. He feels really, really, really bad,” Jessup teases. “At the beginning of Episode 7, they’re as far apart as they’ve ever been.”

But the events that unfold throughout the next hour will push Taylor into darker territory than viewers have seen before, as he’s convinced that he “needs to take initiative and needs to reclaim some degree of power” against the people who have wronged him at Leland, Jessup says. “That is where Taylor starts, and builds, in Episode 7.”

To that end — even though “unfortunately, you see it in very dire circumstances” — Taylor’s relationship with his mother will strengthen tenfold by the conclusion of the episode. According to Jessup, “[Taylor] very much becomes a little boy needing his mom. You’ll see, by the end of Episode 7, that despite everything, they love each other so much and so deeply. That’s what’s been motivating so much of what both of them have been doing.”

Are you prepared for Wednesday’s emotional episode, American Crime fans? Hit the comments with your thoughts on Jessup’s preview.

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