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The 100 Boss Talks [Spoiler]'s Defeat: What Happens Next?

The 100 Nia Dies

Thursday’s The 100 put a surprising spin on the old “two men enter, one man leaves” fighting mantra.

For starters, it wasn’t two men that went sword-to-sword this week, but rather Lexa, defending her place as Commander, and Roan, fighting in his imprisoned mother’s stead. And despite Lexa being declared the victor, both she and Roan exited the battle alive. Queen Nia, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. (“Blood must have blood,” and all that. You know.)

Meanwhile, tensions flared in Arkadia over the attack on Mount Weather, an opportunity which Pike seized to become the new Chancellor. Meanwhile, Lincoln powered through the pain of a recent injury and Monty told Jasper exactly what he thinks of all his moping.

But getting back to that fight for a minute…

“First of all, Nia’s death makes her son — the abandoned prince of the Ice Nation — suddenly the king,” executive producer Jason Rothenberg reminds TVLine. “He goes from banished bounty hunter to king in four episodes. In many ways, it begins to heal what had been a threatening of an inter-clan war between the Ice Nation and the Tree Crew. Nia’s death puts that on the back-burner; she was the one who had been pushing that.”

And if you’re at all bummed about Nia’s brief time on the show, you’re not alone. In fact, that was kind of intentional.

“In thinking about who should play that part, I wanted was to cast someone who had a known name; you weren’t thinking we were going to introduce and kill Brenda Strong in the same episode,” Rothenberg admits. “She and I never really spoke about the terms of the role, so she didn’t know how brief her time with us would be. I had to have that conversation with her when she got the script for Episode 4, which is always a hard one to have. She loved that character and the whole world, but she embraced it, and she was so great in the episode.”

Your thoughts on this week’s 100? Hopes for the future? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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