Gravity Falls Creator Previews Series Finale, Doesn't Rule Out Future Special

Gravity Falls Series Finale

With just five days until Gravity Falls reaches its too-soon conclusion, fans of Disney XD’s cult hit are dreading the big goodbye — or is just a “see ya later”?

“It’s not inconceivable that one day we may return to this world,” series creator Alex Hirsch told reporters during a press conference Wednesday. “With a little bit of time away from it, it’s possible there might be a special or something.”

Hirsch clarified that there aren’t currently any follow-up plans for the waning series, but promised that fans “will see threads in [the finale] that one could imagine could potentially be addressed in some future form, whether that’s in a comic or a special. … Right now, I am sort of content where it is, but I can’t say what Future Alex might do.” (Side note: “Future Alex” totally sounds like a character you’d find in Gravity Falls.)

Hirsch also explained why he chose to end the series after just 40 episodes: It was his plan all along.

“When I first pitched the show, I pitched it as ‘This thing has only a few seasons. It’s a beginning, middle and end. It’s a book with a certain number of chapters. Once they’re answered, that’s it,'” he said. “That’s how I presented it.”

(Side note No. 2: If you’re looking for spoilers, you’re in for quite a hunt. Hirsch and the gang are keeping even the slightest hints about the series’ final twists under lock and key.)

Gravity Falls‘ series finale airs Monday, Feb. 15 at 7/6. Are you hoping for more someday, or do you agree that it should end on top? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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