New Girl: Megan Fox's Reagan Meets the Gang — Grade Her Debut!

New Girl Megan Fox

Who’s that girl? It’s definitely not Jess.

Tuesday’s episode of New Girl, at long last, introduced us to Megan Fox‘s Reagan, a pharmaceutical sales rep staying in downtown Los Angeles on business. In addition to being drop-dead gorgeous, she can concoct the perfect Old Fashioned cocktail, give Chuck Norris a run for his money with her roundhouse kick and make the art of prescription drug sales look badass.

The perfect woman, right?

For Nick, absolutely. After spending the first few minutes of Tuesday’s installment bemoaning his love life (or lack thereof), Mr. Miller admits to the gang that he wants his next romance to be magical — like, sweeping-music, slo-mo kisses, fireworks-exploding-in-the-distance levels of magic. So, when he spots Reagan hawking pills and overhears that she needs a place to stay all month, Nick doesn’t hesitate to offer up Jess’ empty room. (He’s so desperate to close the deal with Reagan, in fact, that he promises to make the price of rent “whatever you want, I don’t care.” Oh, Nick. You’re embarrassing yourself.)

For Schmidt, though, Reagan might as well be an atomic bomb dropped right on top of his relationship with Cece. As it turns out, Cece and Reagan hooked up on a spring break trip years ago, and when Schmidt realizes the new roomie’s got a history with his lady, he has a Schmidt-style nervous breakdown. (See: Pantomiming Nick Cannon’s Drumline solo. Which he nails, by the way.)

Cece, naturally, is fed up with Schmidt’s possessiveness and keeps her distance, while Reagan begrudgingly agrees to talk Schmidt through his marriage anxiety. The bottom line: Schmidt’s been running out the clock on an engagement ring purchase because he doesn’t think any jewelry could be good enough for Cece — and he definitely doesn’t think he’s good enough for her, either. After slinging a few insults Schmidt’s way (“I understand quantum physics more than I understand how you got her”), Reagan convinces Schmidt to think positively about his lady love. Instead of worrying about Cece wandering off with Reagan — or anyone, for that matter — Schmidt should just be thankful he has her at all.

So, with a little black jewelry box tucked in his pocket, Schmidt tracks Cece down and confesses why he really freaked out about the Reagan hookup — before finally sliding that shiny rock on his fiancée’s ring finger.

As for Reagan, she decides to take the lone wolf route and stick out the rest of the month at a crappy seafood-themed motel… that is, until Schmidt, Cece, Nick and Winston show up at her room and convince her to move in with them, while Nick makes himself comfortable in the Friend Zone — for this week, at least.

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