The Late Show: Was Colbert Off His Game in Live Super Bowl Episode?

Late Show Stephen Colbert

The only person more nervous than Cam Newton and Peyton Manning on Super Bowl Sunday? Stephen Colbert.

Not only did the Late Show rookie land the coveted post-game time slot on CBS — marking the first time a late-night program has aired after the NFL championship —  but he was tasked with pulling off a live broadcast just moments after the Denver Broncos won the Lombardi Trophy.

Like any real-time television event, Colbert’s post-Super Bowl outing suffered a few technical mishaps, particularly when the affable host kept asking his producers, “Are we going to commercial or are we going to satellite?” at the start of the show (which resulted in a few uncomfortable shots of the control room).

But Sunday’s episode suffered more from segments that simply fell flat, for reasons ranging from, “Didn’t they rehearse this interview beforehand?” (see: Colbert’s meandering chat with Tina Fey and Margot Robbie) to, “What is the point of this?” (see: Will Ferrell forgoing all Zoolander 2-related conversation in favor of bringing live animals onstage with him).

That’s not to say the broadcast was without its highlights. Colbert’s Super Bowl-themed monologue featured amusing cameos by President Barack Obama and FLOTUS Michelle Obama (who were even willing to crack jokes about Nicolas Cage’s National Treasure, as one does). And his interview with Megyn Kelly was both funny (Trump jokes!) and enlightening (redefining feminism!)

All told, though, Colbert had an opportunity on Sunday to show off his best work for viewers who are still unfamiliar with “the real him” — and we’re not sure he used the hour to his full advantage.

But that’s just our opinion. What did you think of Colbert’s live Late ShowGrade the broadcast in our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!