The Originals Recap: Lethal Weapon

The Originals Kol Returns

Another day, another prophecy about the Mikaelsons’ untimely demise. At least no one can say that Friday’s episode of The Originals wasn’t totally on-brand!

But before I dive into that bit of unpleasantness, let’s talk about vampire Cami Campire! Despite Klaus’ insistence that the newly undead psychologist “learn from the best,” Cami instead took a page from The Book of Hayley and rejected the eldest Mikaelson’s lectures entirely.

This led to a handful of unexpected twists — including Cami snatching the Original-killing weapon out from under their noses — but the greatest of all was her real-talk moment with a(n allegedly) grief-stricken Hayley: “It’s not grief, it’s relief,” Cami told her. “It’s obvious you’re in love with Elijah, and now that Jackson is gone, you’re free. It must be nice, like a weight lifted.” (My reaction, gif’d for your pleasure.)

Though Cami almost immediately retracted her heinous outburst, she wasn’t entirely off the mark. The final moments of the episode found Hayley breaking down and admitting to Elijah that what she’s really feeling is guilt: “Loving any of us is a death sentence, isn’t it?” (Dark… but kind of true.)

Elsewhere in New Orleans this week…

MARCEL, MARCEL | Was anyone else surprised to see Marcel prove his alliance to the Strix this week? I wasn’t expecting him to turn over a Knight of Pentacles card at dinner, and I’ve got to say, I’m thinking less of him less as a result. And the fact that Josh is trying to re-partner with Marcel in an attempt to stop the Strix is making me nervous that he’ll be reunited Aiden sooner rather than later. #NoGuestStarIsSafe

‘KLAYLEY’ MOMENT | I never thought I’d see the day when Klaus and Hayley manage to have a civil conversation, and yet, here we are. “You will always have a home here,” he told her, confirming executive producer Michael Narducci’s tease about Hope’s parents finally burying their hatchets.

GHOST TOWN | In exchange for a spell to reunite her with Kol, Davina agreed to ally herself with the Strix, a promise she regretted within minutes of reuniting with the love of her life, now in the body of Nathaniel Buzolic. Sadly, their big romantic reunion was cut short when it became clear to Davina that staying in dead-world would mean certain death, though she vowed to bring Kol back to our side one day.

PREMONITION IMPOSSIBLE | Of course, Davina wasn’t the only Big Easy resident to work with Aya this week; Elijah also paid a visit to the Strix leader, who promised she could track down the mysterious Originals-killing weapon. Naturally, his meeting with Aya’s seer — played by Chasing Life‘s Haley Ramm! — was all bad news: a little “unending darkness,” some “pale horse” action and, lastly, of a “flame that will burn you all.” Faaaantastic.

Your thoughts on this week’s Originals? Hopes/fears for the future? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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