The 100's Pike: Get to Know Kane's Frenemy — Can He Be Trusted?

The 100 Spoilers Interview

Charles Pike: Friend or foe?

That’s the question TVLine posed to The 100 newcomer Michael Beach, and his answer is… less than reassuring.

“It gets complicated,” Beach says with a laugh, noting that such lines are often blurred on the CW drama. “The thing I love about this show is its battle of ideas, and how the writers back up both ideas so well. If you watch the show with an open mind, you’ll get reasonable points of view from both sides of the story.”

Unfortunately, as you might have sensed during last week’s episode, Pike and Kane are about to find themselves on opposite sides.

“It goes very far, it goes deep and it becomes personal,” Beach says. “Their friendship is really put to the test.”

Their clash of opinions — Kane wants to assimilate into the Grounders’ political structure, while Pike is somewhat less trusting — stems from their drastically different experience on Earth.

“He landed in the Ice Nation, and his experience … has been so vicious; he lost so many of his people, including children,” Beach reminds us. “His perception of Grounders and life on Earth is very different from his former colleagues. … The Grounders’ lives don’t matter to him.”

You’ll also be happy to know that Beach really did his homework before invading The 100, binge-watching all 29 episodes from the first two seasons.

“A couple of my kids watched it before I joined, so I knew a little bit about it,” he says. “And I don’t usually watch every episode of a show that I join, but I like this a lot.” (Beach is honestly just hoping his kids are able “divorce their dad from this character” so he doesn’t ruin their experience as fans.)

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