Big Bang Theory Recap: The Object of Sheldon Cooper's Affection

Sheldon’s Meemaw paid her beloved Moonpie a visit on Thursday’s Big Bang Theory, which found two of the most important women in his life at odds.

Dr. Cooper’s frequently-discussed-but-never-before-seen grandmother (as portrayed by Oscar nominee June Squibb) arrived from Texas in the aptly titled “The Meemaw Materialization,” and it wasn’t long before she and Amy were at each other’s throats.

The reason, you might ask?

The otherwise endearing Meemaw has an axe to grind with Shelly’s girlfriend over her decision to break up with him last year. While she has no trouble supporting the career-driven Penny and her marriage to Leonard, she worries about Sheldon and how marrying someone who has the ability to hurt him might impact his career and overall wellbeing. Of course, Amy isn’t under the assumption that she and Sheldon are anywhere close to marriage, but Meemaw lets it slip that Sheldon has her engagement ring at the ready for when he eventually decides to pop the question.

Meemaw’s betrayal and continued dismissal of Amy causes Sheldon to speak up (albeit reluctantly) on behalf of his girlfriend and their renewed commitment to each other. His heartfelt affirmation puts Meemaw at ease, who gives Sheldon her blessing should he choose to give Amy her ring.

Amy, excited by the prospect of a proposal, taps Sheldon on the shoulder to see if he has anything he’d like to add, but his agitated response — “I just gave you my virginity, woman. Cool your jets!” — would seem to indicate that he’s a far way off from asking for her hand in marriage.

Meanwhile at Stuart’s comic book store, Raj meets a beautiful woman named Claire (Caprica vet Alessandra Torresani), an aspiring screenwriter who leaves him her phone number to collaborate on a children’s sci-fi film. Howard suspects Claire is hitting on Raj, and gets it in his friend’s head that she might be interested in him romantically, thus causing him to question his loyalty to Emily.

For once, Howard is right, as Claire admits to Raj over an awkward phone conversation that they did in fact share a vibe. And while she promises that things between them will remain totally platonic as long as he has a girlfriend, he can’t help but fantasize about their eventual life together (with two kids!) when they meet to work on her script.

Needless to say, this storyline appears far from over.

What did you think of tonight’s Big Bang? Will Sheldon ever get around to proposing to Amy? Are Raj and Emily in trouble? Sound off in the comments.

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