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Baby Daddy Stars Talk Riley's Answer, What's Next for Ben in Season 5

Baby Daddy Danny Riley

So, Baby Daddy fans, was it worth the wait?

After a six-month hiatus, the Freeform comedy returned for its fifth season on Wednesday, at which point Riley finally answered Danny’s big proposal (after faking amnesia and stalling for another half hour, of course). And although the couple isn’t technically engaged, I think we all shared in Riley’s joy when she ultimately slipped on Danny’s “someday” ring.

Meanwhile, Ben found himself dating his new (pregnant) neighbor, while Bonnie and Brad pulled out all the stops — mostly at Tucker’s expense, as always — to swap vows in Central Park.

TVLine spoke with stars Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Chelsea Kane for their thoughts on the eventful premiere, as well as their wishes for their characters moving forward:

TVLINE | After all this time, is it weird for you to be living in a Danny-Riley world?
KANE | I have really mixed emotions about it. I loved that Riley was torn between the guys, but we owe it to the fans after five seasons. I mean, how long could she have dated those brothers before she became the most hated woman on television? It was time. And it’s fun to explore that storyline, though I love my scenes with Jean-Luc. It was weird not having as many scenes together at first, but you’ll see that as the season goes on, we rediscover this really fun friendship. So instead of crying through all of our scenes, we’re going back to the Ben and Riley you saw in Season 1.
BILODEAU | It’s definitely more fun to play best friends. It’s also fun for me to play this side of Ben, because he gets to go back out and date. I think he’s putting his own feelings aside, because he knows [Danny and Riley] are better for each other. I think he’ll always have some feelings for her, as anyone would for their first love, but he also has his daughter. I hope the way the show ends, eventually, is with Ben and Emma, just like it was at the beginning. He doesn’t need anyone, really. He needs to focus on himself and his relationship with his daughter.

TVLINE | Hopefully the pregnant-lady community isn’t too upset by Ben’s behavior tonight, the way he ran out of Zoey’s apartment.
BILODEAU | Oh, I know. I hate to admit it, but me and Ben share a lot of the same…
KANE | He’s a lovable douchebag. [Laughs]

TVLINE | And that carriage scene was ridiculous.
BILODEAU | I don’t know if you could tell from the episode, but I’d lost my voice, and I was struggling to vocalize anything.
KANE | That was a fun day on set; they built Central Park on our soundstage. I remember reading the script and thinking, “Wait, how are we going do to this?” That was also the day John Stamos came over to hang out and watch!

TVLINE | So the episode ended with Danny giving Riley a “someday” ring — but that’s basically an engagement ring, right?
KANE | It is. It’s like a promise ring.
BILODEAU | Friends with a future!
KANE | Yeah, Danny and Riley get pretty serious right off the bat, which you’ll see in upcoming episodes. They move in together, but of course, we screw it all up.

TVLINE | Jean-Luc, you said you want the show to end with Ben and Emma on their own. Chelsea, do you have a dream ending?
KANE | I have an idea. I think there are going to be some more babies, that’s what I think. I don’t know what will happen, to be honest. The writers are tight-lipped. They once told me and Melissa [Peterman] that the same thing was going to happen to our characters, so we came in to compare notes and we were like, “Wait…” It’s like being on Lost. We never know what’s coming next.

Your thoughts on Riley’s answer? Hopes for the future? Grade the premiere, then drop a comment with your full review of the episode below.

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