Teen Wolf Recap: The Great Escape

Teen Wolf Lydia Dying

Is anyone else experiencing a little déjà vu after Tuesday’s Teen Wolf?

The episode chronicled Scott and friends’ less-than-successful attempt at breaking Lydia out of Eichen House, bringing us back to where we started Season 5B. (Like, right back. Same dialogue and everything.)

When Kira mastered the art of browning out, I foolishly got my hopes up that Scott’s pack might actually succeed at freeing its caged banshee, but the arrival of Theo and his chimeras took care of that pretty quickly. “We’re here for Lydia Martin,” Theo told the unusually handsome orderly, before adding that he’s also in the market for a hellhound. (Cue the hellhound.)

We also learned some unsettling new details about the banshee-related dangers facing Lydia: If she remains at Eichen House and her powers progress, she’ll be overcome by the death and screams around her, eventually resulting in her death. But wait, there’s more: Her death scream could result in the death of everyone around her, as well! No. One. Is. Safe.

Odds and Ends:

* Does anyone else sense an awkward alliance brewing between Deucalion and Hayden?

* #ShutUpKid might be my favorite suggested hashtag in the history of suggested hashtags. Well played, MTV.

* Kira and Malia’s friendship is just the best.

* I know I don’t have as many thoughts about this episode as I normally do, but let’s be honest, it was mostly filler.

What did you think of this week’s Teen WolfDrop your thoughts in a comment below.

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