Pretty Little Liars Recap: Parental Advisory

Pretty Little Liars Recap

When it comes to incriminating outbursts, “Charlotte DiLaurentis will walk the streets over my dead body” pretty much takes the cake.

So it’s only natural that Aria started to suspect her father of Charlotte’s murder on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars. But did he really do it? All we know is that he bumped into Ezra the night Charlotte disappeared, and he’s desperate to keep Aria’s ex-boyfriend quiet. Oh, and his nine-iron (aka the freakin’ murder weapon) is missing.

On the romance front, Spencer and Caleb both sought Toby’s blessing for their new relationship (or whatever it is they’re doing), and although I was surprised to see Toby so cool about his best friend hooking up with his ex-girlfriend, I can’t say I’m upset. Spencer and Caleb’s chemistry is off the charts; if you disagree, rewind the episode to when she told him, “Last night was perfect” and watch his sheepish giggle.

And it’s not like Toby isn’t moving on either. We met his new girlfriend Yvonne this week — she’s the daughter of Spencer’s mother’s political rival because of course she is — who’s impossible not to like. And judging by the engagement ring Spencer saw Toby carrying around the Radley, I’d say he agrees with me.

This week’s episode also reminded us that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. After coming clean to Ashley about erasing some of Radley’s security footage to protect Aria, Hanna found herself facing major jail time. That is, until the back-up footage “mysteriously” went missing. (Well done, lady. Sydney Andrews would approve.)

And then there’s poor Emily, who almost hit it off with her new crush Sabrina… until Sabrina realized Emily was just stalling while Aria snuck into Ezra’s apartment to find out if he killed Charlotte. Then again, I wonder if things will would have worked out between Emily and Sabrina, anyway. (The girl doesn’t even own a cell phone. How does she get all her threats?!)

PLL Nation, do you think Byron could be Charlotte’s killer? And where do you stand on “Spaleb” and “Tobyvonne”? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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