Agent Carter Recap: Wedded Miss

Agent Carter Peggy Wedding

This Tuesday on Marvel’s Agent Carter, the ABC drama shed a great deal of light on its titular hero’s pre-Steve Rogers life, while underscore in the present what a savvy spy she went on to become.

In flashbacks that were sprinkled throughout the hour, we successively glimpsed Margaret aka Peggy as a rugrat who was a bit too rough-and-tumble for her momma’s liking, then as a young bride-to-be whose engagement news immediately prefaced an invitation to join Winston Churchill’s new espionage initiative. Peggy’s intended, Fred, seemingly talked her out of the unusual career path, while her enlisted brother Michael outright championed it. Peggy was on the fence at best, obviously intrigued by that which others saw in her, until her wedding day, when news of Michael being KIA nudged her to follow her head versus heart and choose the SOE over Fred.

Separate but equally fascinating flashbacks centered on Whitney Frost nee Agnes Cully, who as a pre-teen was super-precocious and unabashedly disapproving of her mother’s  choice in men/pastimes. Having grown up being told to dismiss her smarts and instead focus on her looks, movie buff Agnes ultimately bumped into a(n admittedly sketchy) “talent agent” who saw a modeling/acting career ahead of her.

Meanwhile in the present timeline….

After enduring some heated romantic tension in the laboratory with the not-quite-there and thus unkissable Jason Wilkes, Peggy worked with Jarvis to track down and tranquilize (…and tranquilize again) Rufus Hunt, the Arena Club/Council of Nine security goon who had dogged her thrice before, most recently during the swimming pool skirmish. After incapacitating the lug (and Jarvis as well, oops), Peggy was found out by Sousa, who was more irked that he wasn’t involved than Peggy had broken laws. The SSR duo stowed Hunt in a broom closet, where they simply didn’t have time to torture the self-described impervious grunt. Instead, Peggy dosed him with an aggressive strain of malaria, one that would be fatal in 10 minutes. (In actuality, she merely shot him up with a Stark project that would induce “an intense cold.”)

Fearing he was on death’s doorstep, Hunt eventually coughed up some intel, but before Peggy and Sousa could get a search warrant for the Arena Club, War Department bigwig Vernon Masters arrived with his troops to shut down their investigation, then warn both Peggy and Sousa of a “tidal wave” that was coming — and that might wash their careers away.

As Masters’ minions snatched up all of the SSR’s files, Sousa made off with a sample of “lady in the lake” Jane Scott’s tissue. He and Peggy then let Hunt “escape,” for the purpose of eavesdropping via a listening device once he wound up at the home of Calvin Chadwick and his wife Whitney Frost. But no sooner had Hunt ‘fessed up to naming some names whilst in SSR custody, Whitney gave him the zero matter death grip, leaving Peggy and the others to only guess what grim, screaming fate they were listening to!

What did you think of the episode “Smoke and Mirrors”?

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