Vampire Diaries EP Talks Caroline's Due Date, Damon's 'Custom Hell' and More

Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Damon’s in for a rude awakening (“You’ve been dead for three months!”) when The Vampire Diaries returns tonight (The CW, 8/7c), which is kind of a recurring theme in the back half of Season 7.

“This is Damon’s story of the chicken coming home to roost,” executive producer Caroline Dries says of the elder Salvatore brother, now trapped within the Phoenix Stone. “He had unresolved emotional issues with his mom; he basically spat on her while she was dying. Now it’s time for him to have a mirror held up to him and [see] what happens when you don’t have remorse. It’s a custom-made hell for him.”

As always, fans can also expect more flash forwards, soon to feature we have yet to see in any previous time jump: Matt Donovan!

“We’ll start to understand why we haven’t seen [him], and what’s been going on with him three years into the future,” Dries teases. “We also start to get little peeks at this force that’s been after Stefan all of this time. We’ll slowly but surely … start to piece together this mythology we’ve been building with the sword and the stone and why that’s been the spine of the season.”

You can also look forward to a lot of the season’s background elements bubbling up over the next few weeks. Bonnie and Enzo’s “bickersome relationship,” for example, will start to grow legs. Says Dries, “We need to see them in more scenes together before we can start to build them out romantically.”

And then there’s Caroline, who’s “getting more and more pregnant,” Dries notes. “Those babies have to come out at some point.”

Your hopes (and fears) for Season 7B? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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