Did Undateable Just Air a Series Finale?

Undateable Renewed or Cancelled

Undateable‘s first live season came to an end on Friday night with something that sure felt like a series finale.

In the hour-long “Backstreet Boys Walk Into a Bar,” Justin called upon the eponymous boy band to help propose to Candace. The question-popping, which came as something of a shock, particularly upset Danny, who wasn’t told by his best friend that it was forthcoming. What’s more, the engagement meant Danny would be losing his roommate of three years, and if that wasn’t enough change for the perpetual man-child, Charlotte was also forcing him to spend more time with her four-year-old son.

The inevitable feud led to a series of (live!) flashbacks, including a reenactment of the meet-cute in Justin’s office that kicked off their bromance in the pilot episode. As usual, the duo eventually forgot what they were fighting about, but the anger was still enough to induce a (live!) Backstreet Boys music video to symbolize their heartache over splitting up as friends.

After a pep talk from Shelly and Leslie, Danny realized he had to make it up to Justin for being a jerk about his engagement, and went to retrieve a diamond that belonged to Candace’s grandmother from her stripper ex-boyfriend Trent. The jewel was retrieved, and Detroit’s most dysfunctional friendship was back on. Meanwhile, after a quick interruption from “TV’s Scott Foley” — who was very upset not to be considered Justin’s best friend — Justin declared that his wedding to Candace would have to happen in the summer or fall, because there sure as heck wasn’t enough time this season.

In the midst of Justin and Danny’s latest feud, we also found out that “Lurski” is officially on. After going on their first date two weeks ago, Burski’s dream of calling Leslie his girlfriend has finally come true, and the improbable couple exited Black Eyes Bar while inadvertently crashing into various tables and lighting fixtures in the process.

Now that you’ve watched the Season 3 finale, we have to ask: Could this week’s Undateable serve as a satisfying conclusion to the experimental NBC sitcom should it not be renewed for Season 4? Grade the episode in our poll, then sound off in the comments.

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