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The 100 Boss Breaks Down the City of Light Reveal, Talks [Spoiler]'s Return

The 100 Clarke Lexa Reunited

The 100 continued its third season on Thursday with a barrage of surprise reunions and emotional breakdowns, plus enough out-of-nowhere twists to leave even the most grounded of Grounders with whiplash.

TVLine spoke with executive producer Jason Rothenberg about two of this week’s biggest moments, but first, a quick recap:

Lincoln and Octavia led the charge back to Mount Weather, following an attack on Nyko by the Ice Nation; Kane attempted to share the message of Grounder love to an old war buddy; the City of Light was revealed to real… and apparently a place where death doesn’t stick; Jasper finally reached his breaking point; Monty was reunited with his mother; and (Prince!) Roan took Clarke not to the Ice Nation, but to the capitol, where she was reunited with Lexa… and proceeded to spit in her face. [Insert deep breath here.]

First, we questioned Rothenberg about that “huh?” City of Light moment, which is apparently going to be explained in digestible bites throughout Season 3.

“It’s real,” he confirmed. “It’s a real place, and it becomes a big deal this season, but the story simmers for a little while before it boils over. We’re trying to get the audience used to this new story we’re telling; it has a whole new visual vocabulary, and its own language in many ways. You’ve only just begun to see where that world is going and what it’s all about.”

We also needed the inside story on that long-awaited “Clexa” reunion, and Rothenberg was happy to take us on a tour through Clarke’s brain.

“It was always pretty clear that when Clarke saw Lexa again, she was going to have some murderous rage bubble up,” he said. “She feels abandoned. She spent three months in the woods denying her own responsibility and blaming Lexa. That was never going to be a happy reunion. It’s going to take a while, if ever, for those scars to heal.”

Did the “Clexa” reunion live up to your expectations? What do you make of the very real City of Light? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below. 

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