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Suits Boss on Who Sold Out Mike, What's Next for Harvey and Donna

Suits Season 5 Spoilers

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Wednesday’s premiere of Suits

Mike Ross, they’re coming for you — or more precisely, AUSA Anita Gibbs (24‘s Leslie Hope) is gunning for the faux lawyer and his colleagues/co-conspirators following Suits‘ return on Wednesday.

A quick recap of the premiere: While Anita went about building her case, Mike and Harvey were on their own quest to find out who turned Mr. Ross in to the authorities. (“Not I!” claimed Trevor and Scottie.) Elsewhere, ignoring Jessica and Louis’ warnings to stay far away from the situation, Rachel stood by her fiancé Mike, much to her father’s disapproval. (He now knows the secret, too, and he’s mad.) Donna also offered her help to Harvey — and then ended up reclaiming her old position as his secretary!

Below, executive producer Aaron Korsh previews the firm’s new battle, Mike and Rachel’s future and the “interesting scenes” coming up for “Darvey.” Plus, the EP reveals when viewers will discover who spilled the beans about Mike.

TVLINE | At this point, Anita Gibbs doesn’t know that Jessica, Donna, Louis and Rachel are also in on Mike’s secret, right?
I don’t think she knows anything for sure. I don’t know how much she’s looked into any of them. She, obviously, knows Mike was hired and works for Harvey, so once she goes digging, she’s going to start having her suspicions. But she believes somebody knew, and she’s trying to find out how far the conspiracy goes.

Suits Season 5B SpoilersTVLINE | How will her investigation affect the rest of the firm?
Massively. [Laughs] As it would and as it should. As an aside, we did a little research… There was an attorney who basically said, “They don’t want the dealer. They want the supplier.” Their notion is, “It couldn’t have stopped here,” and they’re going to use whatever means necessary to get to the bottom of the truth, and that means applying pressure wherever they can, in whatever way they can, to get anyone who might know something to give it up. That’s going to be the driving force behind the last six [episodes] is, “Can we hang together?”

TVLINE | Was Trevor telling the truth that it wasn’t him who told on Mike?
I believe that Trevor really has turned over a new leaf. So I believe that Trevor means what he says when he talks to Mike in that scene. That does not mean Trevor won’t, possibly, be put in a position to have to do something to Mike.

TVLINE | Will we find out who did turn Mike in?
We will find that out relatively soon after [tonight’s episode].

TVLINE | You could argue that Mike isn’t really hurting anyone by pretending to be a lawyer, but he did break the law. How much will he be struggling with that? Is there a crisis of conscience for him?
Yes and no. He does understand that he did it. I guess in various ways he will have crises of conscience, but that is not going to stop them from trying to make the consequences of this thing be as soft as possible. But I don’t forget, and I don’t think the audience should forget, that we did this. Some of the questions I get are like, “This Anita Gibbs is so tough and ruthless and harsh,” and I’m like, “Let’s not forget, they did this crime. She’s trying to put them away for a crime they actually did.”

Suits Season 5B SpoilersTVLINE | What kind of strain will this have on Mike and Rachel? Is the wedding on hold indefinitely?
They’re probably not going to go out and have the wedding while this is hanging over their heads. On the other hand, life goes on. For the time being, the wedding will be put on hold, but we will not forget that there was supposed to be a wedding.

TVLINE | How does Donna’s father (played by Derek McGrath) fit into this picture?
[Anita Gibbs] would press and try to find out who knew about this thing and who’s willing to say that the person above them knew. One of the places she’s going to start is with Donna. That’s going to get Donna’s father involved in this thing because Donna’s father has a vulnerability, a past indiscretion. That’s going to result in some flashback scenes — not a flashback episode – and a look at Donna’s father’s history with both Donna and Harvey.

TVLINE | What happens to Gretchen with Donna back on Harvey’s desk? Is she out of a job?
I think you can do the math that maybe there’s going to be a little Do-si-do happening. We will answer that in the beginning of [the Feb. 3 episode], and then we have a little twist on it at the end, a little reveal that is pretty cool and juicy.

Suits Season 5B SpoilersTVLINE | Will the dynamic between Donna and Harvey be different now?
If Mike weren’t under investigation, I think their dynamic would be different in the back six [episodes] than it is now. But, then again, if Mike weren’t under investigation, she might never have gone back to his desk. So I would say it’s difficult for them to grow too much in their dynamic because much of the back six is about dealing with the crisis that is in front of them. But they’re back together, and things are going to change a little bit. We’re going to have some interesting scenes with them as a result of it. Certainly, the scene where they get back together is going to be a fan favorite, I hope.

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Watch Donna and Harvey’s “reunion” scene below.