NickToons Movie to Feature Characters From Rugrats, Rocko and Other Series

NickToons Movie Rugrats

Everybody loves The Avengers, right? OK, now replace Iron Man and the gang with characters from Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, The Angry Beavers and more classic Nickelodeon cartoons. Admit it: You love that idea a lot more.

No, I’m not describing the trip I had last weekend while binging eight hours of DVR’d NickToons; I’m talking about an actual movie in the works at Paramount.

Our sister site Deadline reports that Napoleon Dynamite scribe Jared Hess, along with wife Jarusha, has been tapped to write a big-screen feature incorporating a who’s who of these classic animated gems. Hess is also set to direct.

Though Nickelodeon hasn’t announced which classic characters will appear in the film — to be fair, the network hasn’t officially announced anything yet — I know we all have our favorites we’d love to see back on the big screen. So drop a comment with your picks, as well as your thoughts on the movie, below.

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