Legends Tomorrow Caity Lotz Interview

Legends' Caity Lotz Talks Lighter/Dark Sara, Bigger Fights, Retro Threads: 'I Should Have Lived in the '70s'

Just over two-and-a-half years ago, before she first booked her Arrow role, Caity Lotz could not have imagined that she would one day come to be regarded as one of TV’s premiere badasses.

Back then, “I was deep in my indie film world,” the actress recalls. “I was coming off of Mad Men and then doing The Machine, The Pact, those movies….

“And if you can go back, like, further than that, I didn’t think I’d be acting!” she continues. So to have played a key role on Arrow during Season 2, loom large for much of Season 3 (in death) and now segue to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, where she’s a co-lead, is “definitely not” something Lotz could have anticipated. And having come and risen this far, she puts simply with a smile, “has been fun.”

On Legends, Sara Lance has adopted the mantle White Canary as she helps Time Master Rip Hunter’s hodgepodge of heroes and villains hunt down Vandal Savage, who is fated to conquer the planet. But whereas on Arrow thelegends-of-tomorrow-season-1-photos (3) onetime League assassin was quite intense (especially after that date with the Reaper), here — in a bid to be “a hero in the light” — she gets to smile a bit more if not unapologetically seek out a good time.

“Sara still gets a lot of that darkness, which I like, because that’s what everyone really liked about her — that complicated weight she had,” Lotz observes. “But it’s fun to not have to take myself so seriously.”

Indeed, the Legends premiere saw Sara gleefully lead the charge into a raucous bar fight. In Episode 2 (airing Thursday at 8/7c), she further dives into the 1970s, getting her flirt on with a younger Dr. Stein and maybe dabbling in a doobie whilst sporting go-go boots and a mini-dress. (“I liked that outfit a lot,” Lotz notes. “I feel like I as a human should have lived in the ’70s.”)

As the timey-wimey adventures unfold, Sara will develop distinct dynamics with her fellow Legends, turning what heretofore have been familiar, supporting characters into fully formed co-leads in their own right.

“Everybody’s character is so strong, so specific, and I love that,” Lotz effuses. “Sara and Snart (aka Captain Cold) are the most similar, like, anti-heroes, but they’re heroes. They’re good people. LGN102a_0292bAnd Ray always has the funniest lines, because Brandon [Routh]’s character is so nerdy. And I love Arthur [Darvill]’s character, because Rip Hunter is such a performer when he’s talking. Everything is so dramatic!”

Along with Snart and his more hot-headed half, Mick Rory/Heat Wave, Sara represents the Waverider’s brute force division, the ones to let fists, elbows, batons and bo staffs fly when the going gets tough. “I’m doing more fighting — and bigger fighting — than I ever did on Arrow, and that part of the job is pretty cool,” the actress shares, noting that the day after our interview she is “very excited” to film a “huge” melee in which “I’m going to do myself, like, the whole fight.”

As for Sara’s sometimes-glimpsed softer side, Lotz says that DC’s Legends “isn’t about love” for her character, or at least not anytime soon. Yes, an upcoming episode will feature a lesbian nurse (played by Bomb Girls‘ Ali Liebert) whom Sara warms up to (“The 1950s weren’t very open about that, so that’s a thing”), but “Sara needsHeir to the Demon to focus on herself” right now, having barely dodged permanent death.

“It’s not about finding a life partner. It’s about finding her own life right now,” asserts the actress. Though at some point, Lotz hopes to offer closure to fans of her Arrow romance.

“I love Katrina [Law], and people love ‘Nyssara,’ so I think they want to see more of that — and hopefully we will,” she offers. “But we’ve got, you know… we’ve got some time.”

And how.

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  1. Dj says:

    Sara is my favorite character in the whole Arrow/Flash verse. Her and Manu were the best thing about Season 2 to me.

  2. Bwhit says:

    I had no opinion about Sara when she was on Arrow, but on Legends, just by the premiere, she is one of my favorites already. That scene in the bar was the best part of the episode in my opinion and I hope to see a lot of that trio. Can’t wait for more!

  3. AnnieM says:

    Sara is awesome, and so is Caity Lotz. LOVED the Legends premiere. If they can keep up this quality, it’s going to be a great show. And I hope they will continue with the classic rock whenever they can. Supernatural doesn’t use enough of it anymore, maybe Legends can pick up the slack in that department. ;-)

  4. G says:

    Didn’t read this article, just opened it to type “HA!” to the opening logline “would one day come to be regarded as one of TV’s premiere badasses”
    No Offense but I still think she was the worst part of Arrow and glad she is off that show and she makes me stay away from the Legends show. I know a lot of people like her which confounds me. And I hate that I am so passionate in my dislike of her, but this is a forum and I am expressing myself.

    • Drew says:

      People aren’t always the same when they spin off onto a new show. I found Ray annoying on Arrow, but he works well with the group on Legends. I find Felicity annoying on Arrow these days, but less so on The Flash.
      It is a whole new dynamic, so maybe you should give Legends a chance. Maybe you will be less passionate in your hatred of Sara.

    • Dean says:

      yet you have the impulse to come to an article about someone you clearly don’t like just to basically say ‘I hate her and I don’t get why many people like her.’ were you ever hugged enough as a child?

  5. Drew says:

    I’m actually fine with Sara putting Nyssa behind her and moving on. Her time with Nyssa and the LoA was not Sara at her best. It might be time for her to move on and try something different than her usual dark, brooding romances.

    • ? says:

      I’d agree with that, if it didn’t seem like Nyssa was trying her hardest to put that time with the LoA behind her and move on too. She clearly wants something else in life but it’s hard for her, she’s been all but brainwashed since birth.

      • Drew says:

        Separately, they can both be fine characters. Friends even. I just don’t think they should be together any more than Sara and Oliver should he together.

  6. Griffin says:

    She is my favorite since she showed up in Arrow. So badass. Arrow sucks now, so I’m happy to see more of her in Legends!!

  7. Maryann says:

    So when did they turn Sara from bi to purely lesbian?

    • Cate says:

      Sara’s still bi. They even mention her flirting with the younger version of Martin Stein in an upcoming episode. I imagine they have chosen to focus more on her attraction to women right now so people wouldn’t think her relationship with Nyssa was a one-off. They clearly want to confirm her bisexuality to anyone who had any doubts about it.

    • murley says:

      The nurse is a lesbian. They didn’t say anything about Sara.

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Great interview/article with Caity. Love her as Sara when she joined Arrow in season 2. Happy she gets to continue to play the character on LOT. Can’t wait to see new episode tomorrow night!

  9. Cathy says:

    Sara Lance and Snart are the best characters in Legends of Tomorrow. Unlike arrow and flash where everything is too dramatic, here the tone is lighter and funny to watch. We have actions, jokes and good dynamic. I agree that Sara should focus on herself on this show and for all characters this is not a show for love story. Having said that, it could be good to see some flashbacks of Sara and Nyssa (or future of them together as i want them endgame) .