Supergirl Recap: Mars Attacks

Supergirl White Martian

A few minutes into Monday’s Supergirl, Kara tells Cat, “Sometimes it’s easier to face the past with a little help.”

And, as most words of wisdom on the CBS drama tend to do, Kara’s statement ends up applying to both the A and B plots of the installment. In one corner, there’s Cat Grant, forced to confront (and potentially reconcile with) her estranged son, Adam Foster (played by Blake Jenner, Melissa Benoist’s former Glee co-star and real-life hubby). And in the other, there’s J’onn J’onzz, who is faced with the awful memories of his Green Martian species getting wiped out via genocide years ago.

Unsurprisingly, Kara solves both of these problems.

Let’s tackle J’onn first. As we learn throughout the hour, J’onn is the only remaining member of the Green Martian population. The rest — including his wife and daughters, sob! — were burned alive by an invasion of White Martians, one of whom has now come to Earth to kill J’onn and finish off the species once and for all. Masquerading as the anti-alien Senator Miranda Crane (Tawny Cypress, Unforgettable), the White Martian wreaks havoc at the DEO until it finally comes face-to-face with J’onn.

You might suspect that J’onn is champing at the bit to defeat the White Martian, but you’d be wrong. He confesses to both Kara and Alex that he’s tired of being the lone survivor, tired of living with the grief over his wife and children. In fact, he’s game to let the White Martian do her worst. Kara, of course, won’t let that happen, and when J’onn eventually battles the White Martian in the middle of the desert that night, Kara persuades the man to have a little dignity and fight the good fight. (And, because no one can resist the power of Kara’s perfectly curled tresses, J’onn listens. He decides to bring the White Martian back to the DEO and imprison it forever, despite the villain’s threats that even more of his species will be coming to Earth to seek vengeance soon enough.)

In comparison, Kara’s other Problem of the Day is much simpler: helping Cat make amends with her son. After receiving a sweet, apologetic letter from his mom — er, from Kara, who’s pretending to be his mom — Adam shows up in National City hoping to repair the relationship. Things quickly go south at dinner that night, though, when Cat refuses to talk about anything but her own accomplishments, and it’s up to Kara to masterfully mediate the situation. She gets Adam and Cat to sit down again, this time for coffee, and helps them through their awkward reunion — which, of course, goes much more smoothly the second time around. (Any mother/son conversation that ends with, “I missed you, too” and a few tears is considered a win in the world of Supergirl, right?)

Ultimately, it’s a banner day for Kara, who even gets asked out by Adam at the end of the episode, with Cat’s approval. (And all of us at home are secretly so happy that Winn isn’t sitting five feet away to have his heart shattered even more.) But when she’s at home that night, sharing ice cream with Alex, Kara spies a live news report that puts Supergirl at the scene of a car accident. Except… it’s not Supergirl. So who could it be?

What did you think of the latest Supergirl? Are you Team James, Team Winn or — after Monday’s episode — Team Adam? Hit the comments with all of your thoughts!

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