Recovery Road Premiere: Will You Follow Maddie's Journey to Sobriety?

Recovery Road Cancelled

What up, So-Bros? A new Freeform drama about teenage addiction premiered Monday, so we’ve got some things to discuss.

The first episode of Recovery Road introduced viewers to Maddie (Skins‘ Jessica Sula), a high school party girl who may or may not have an addiction to something. (Yes, it’s vague, but that’s kind of the point.) Upon being caught with a bottle of vodka in her locker, she was given two options: expulsion, or 90 days at a sober-living facility. I’ll give you one guess which choice she her mother picked!

Cut to Maddie’s first group meeting at Springtime Meadows, where she got to know her new housemates: There’s Trish (The Proud Family‘s Kyla Pratt), a super-annoying single mom who lost custody of her baby; Vern (Looking‘s Daniel Franzese), a less-annoying layabout whose love for silk robes is matched only by his love for cheesy snacks; Rebecca (Glee‘s Lindsay Pearce), a mean-mugging lady who knows Maddie from another life; and Wes (The Borgias‘ Sebastian De Souza), a handsome gentleman with nice hair.

Keeping them all in line — or at least trying to — is Craig (EastEnders‘ David Witts), a distractingly handsome counselor who might have a few demons of his own to hide. (After sneaking out of the house and hitting up a liquor store, the only thing that kept Wes and Maddie from getting kicked out of the house was an apparent secret Wes was using to blackmail him. Dun, dun, dun!)

Oh, there’s also Doug (Banshee‘s Jerod Meagher), a Springtime Meadows graduated who returned (high as a damn kite) the day after his release. Then he went to jail. We don’t really like to talk about Doug.

Maddie spent most of the pilot in denial of her own addiction, but a particularly harrowing bathroom scene — in which she, a self-proclaimed virgin, realized she had sex with someone other than her boyfriend and didn’t even remember — forced her to face the truth. That, plus an unexpected encounter with her recovering-addict guidance counselor (Mixology‘s Alexis Carra), finally set Maddie on the path to… you guessed it… recovery road!

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