Fox's Lucifer: How the Hell Was It?

Lucifer Poster Fox

If you had a single shred of doubt that Fox’s Lucifer is indeed about the Devil himself, not to worry: Monday’s series premiere runneth over with religious jokes and hellish puns.

Take, for example, Det. Chloe Dancer’s reaction when she’s introduced to Lucifer Morningstar: “Is that a stage name or something?,” to which the titular Lord of Hell replies, “God-given, I’m afraid.” (Ba-dum-chh.)

His license plate reads FALLIN1. Any reference to God elicits the response, “Wrong deity, but…” Plus, when he looks in the mirror, a grotesque red face is staring back at him. So, yes, Lucifer is definitely about that Devil.

But Fox’s new comic-book drama is more than just winks and nods to the Bible. It’s also the story of how Lucifer (Tom Ellis, Rush) abandoned his throne in Hell to assist the LAPD with solving crimes. (Essentially, he doesn’t feel like obeying his dad’s wishes and returning to the Underworld for all eternity, so he’s content to manage a Los Angeles club until he’s banished back to you-know-where.)

When his friend Delilah is gunned down by a drug dealer, Lucifer takes it upon himself to investigate her death — a rather easy task, considering he can get people to utter their deepest secrets and most hidden desires just by asking them to do so. Along the way, he encounters Det. Dancer (Lauren German, Chicago Fire), who is expectedly skeptical of his immortality and persuasive skills (which, curiously, don’t seem to work on her).

Much to Chloe’s chagrin, she and Lucifer end up working the case together, and of course he’s better at getting answers from the criminals and suspects than she is. Not only do they find and kill the man responsible for Delilah’s death, but Lucifer finds himself drawn to Chloe — ensuring, of course, that they’ll work together again in the future. (Like, say, next Monday at 9 pm.)

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