Vampire Diaries/Originals Crossover: Klaus and Stefan Bond Over [Spoiler]

Vampire Diaries Originals Crossover

Now that The CW has confirmed a Vampire Diaries/Originals crossover for later this season, it’s time to talk details.

“The crossover was born out Stefan needing a place to escape,” executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine. “He’s on the run. He needs to go somewhere where magic can’t find him, and we realized he can go to New Orleans where there’s that bar where magic doesn’t work.”

Plec planned to leave it at that, a fun episode of The Vampire Diaries with special guest star Klaus Mikaelson — that is, until Joseph Morgan joined the conversation:

“Joe said, ‘I’ll happily do it on The Vampire Diaries, but can we do this on The Originals, too?’ We said, ‘If we can come up with something good, absolutely,’ and then we realized we have the perfect storyline already happening: the sire line and the war [between] all the trinity, and the prophecy saying that one of these Originals will die or all of them will fall. The fear of that impacts Stefan directly, and so he sticks around for an Originals episode to participate in the latest dilemma to come out of that situation.”

Klaus hasn’t seen Stefan since the hero-haired Salvatore started dating the supposed love of Klaus’ life, but if you’re hoping to witness an all-out battle for the affections of Caroline Forbes, you’re going to be pretty disappointed.

“Stefan’s now with Caroline, and Klaus, of course, has just gone through everything he’s gone through with Cami,” Plec reminds us. “They actually have a surprisingly civil and honest conversation about love — what it means and the sacrifices that you have to make in the name of it.”

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Reporting by Vlada Gelman