Shameless Preview: Fiona's Husband Is Back — And He's Not Happy!

Shameless Season 6 Gus Returns

As if Shameless‘ Fiona didn’t have enough on her plate, what with her unexpected baby news and her current boyfriend Sean’s drug relapse. In this Sunday’s episode (Showtime, 9/8c), Gus, the scorned husband she never divorced, returns — and the reunion is far from cordial.

“There’s definitely some anger, definitely some bitterness — well-earned, by the way,” Gus’ portrayer Steve Kazee previews. “There’s a moment that Gus has where he holds the power, and he feels there’s a sense of retribution to be had.”

Read on as Nashville-bound Kazee weighs in on whether Gus could be Fiona’s baby daddy and what, if anything, his character knows about the new guy in his ex’s life.

TVLINE | What brings Gus back into Fiona’s life?
As you’ve seen in the first two episodes, things are still unresolved between the two of them. It seems like they’ve taken up a policy of, “Let’s just not deal with this right now. We’ll deal with it some other time,” which is not always the healthiest policy. You get to a point where you, ultimately, end up having to confront these issues. This is the first step they take to seeing each other and trying to figure out a way to move past the impulsiveness that brought them to this place.

TVLINE | How would you describe his reaction to seeing Fiona again?
[Laughs] It’s a nice moment for Gus to finally be able to have a little bit of strength in this relationship. He’s such a nice guy, [but] nice guys tend to get walked over sometimes. Where we find Gus, at this point in the story, is that he’s come to terms with where the relationship is at. Now it’s just a matter of having his own voice heard.

TVLINE | Since they’re not on speaking terms, how much does he know about what’s going on in her life — namely that she’s dating Sean?
I don’t think he really knows that much. What he knows is what he knew previously, which is that she already slept with Jimmy/Steve. He knows that infidelity is an issue with her, and he knows that there’s no respect for those boundaries. So I don’t think he would be surprised to learn about Sean.

TVLINE | Fiona is pregnant. Is there a possibility that Gus could be the father?
Well, there’s always a possibility, isn’t there? I don’t know, I’ve yet to get an invitation to The Maury Show. So I don’t know if we’re going to be deciding that anytime soon.

TVLINE | Could he ever forgive her for what she did?
It probably always would have been too much to get past. Look, we didn’t get a chance to see it happen, but I think Gus would have been the type of person who wanted to work through it and find a healthier route. He’s able to see in Fiona [that there is a] person somewhere deep down in inside, underneath all those layers, and he probably would have been interested in trying to pull her out of that. But the Gallaghers are the Gallaghers at the end of the day.

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