Reign's Megan Follows Previews Her 'Exciting' Directorial Debut, Laments the Loss of Her On-Screen Son

Reign Winter Finale

Megan Follows trades her crown for a clapboard on Friday’s winter finale of Reign (The CW, 8/7c), an experience the first-time director admits she wanted since Day 1.

“I started pestering them pretty much right away, saying, ‘I want to do this. I want to do this,'” Follows tells TVLine. “They were very supportive and said I needed to shadow the other directors, so I learned a tremendous amount that way. I was also directing a play at the same time. I wanted to show them that I was serious.”

And what an episode they gave her: Mary finds herself drawn to Gideon, Elizabeth and Greer face separate-but-equal heartbreaks, Catherine (Follows’ character) continues her dangerous dance with Narcisse and Rose “finds herself in the fight of her life on her wedding night.”

Follows had a particularly “exciting” time exploring that last part, both as an actress and a director.

“It’s a tricky situation that Claude is put into, so you’ll see Catherine supporting her through it,” she teases. “She becomes a pawn, and you realize the lack of power young women had at that time. I loved working with Rose on that.”

And while we had the newbie director’s ear, we couldn’t resist asking about the death of King Francis, and how Toby Regbo’s absence affected the on-set climate.

“Toby was an amazing player, and we were all really sad, although it was time for the story — he knew that,” Follows concedes. “What’s fantastic about our show is that we’ve really embraced change and grown; there are so many stories to tell.”

Your hopes for Reign‘s big winter finale? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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