Blind Item: Which Drama Is Plotting an Actor's Improbable, Surprise Return?

Blind Item

Apparently you can go home again.

TVLine has learned that a long-running TV drama is working with a former cast member to pull off a most surprising encore — no small feat given how the character in question was originally written off the show.

Truth be told, the series and star already have their most difficult, covert work behind them, seeing as the fan favorite filmed his/her scenes just last week, successfully undetected, thanks to top-secret levels of planning.

Although a cynical few might have thought such a homecoming would never happen, the truth is that the returning star quite enthusiastically went to great lengths to disguise his/her identity while en route to the set, where the hush-hush scenes were filmed under close guard, and strictly indoors.

As for the on-screen ramifications of the long-gone character’s reappearance, one should expect more than a little drama. His/her timing… could be better, yeah.

Hit the Comments with your guesses as to the covert comeback!

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