Supernatural Recaplet: Just Say Yes — Plus: Is [Spoiler] a Goner?

Supernatural Rowena Dead

Lucifer’s quest for a vessel on Wednesday’s Supernatural takes a surprising twist.

His plan to convince Sam to say, “Yes,” begins with a nostalgic “This is your life, Sam Winchester!” journey through moments from the hunter’s past. (It’s a clever use of “flashbacks” and features welcome appearances from Colin Ford as young Sam and old footage of Adam, but I really didn’t need to be reminded of the Amelia/”I hit a dog” arc.)

Despite Lucifer’s reasoning that in order to defeat The Darkness, the Winchesters need to put the greater good ahead of their desire to save each other, Sam still declines his offer. Even if Lucifer is able to kill The Darkness, then he’d just go about trying to destroy the world. Sam chooses to believe in his friends and Supernatural Rowena Deadfamily instead and that they’ll find a way.

Meanwhile, Dean and Castiel make their way to Hell and a brawl ensues with Lucifer. Unbeknownst to the brothers, Cas agrees to be the vessel. Lucifer, now in his angelic body, visits Crowley and Rowena, with whom he’s been secretly working. She assures him that she’s the only one who can open the cage. This pleases Lucifer, who snaps her neck. No going home now, for the devil.

Supernatural fans, do you think Rowena is really dead? And are you looking forward to Castiel-as-Lucifer? Sound off!

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