High School Musical 10 Years Later: Solving the Mystery of Twinkle Towne

High School Musical

Ten years ago on this very date, a mop-topped jock named Troy Bolton and a “freaky math girl” named Gabriella Montez auditioned for a show called Twinkle Towne. The rest, as they say, is history High School Musical.

Wednesday marks the 10th anniversary of the Disney Channel original movie’s premiere, and even though it eventually spawned three spinoffs — yes, the events of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure are canon — fans remain saddled with a slew of unanswered questions, including: Why can’t Ms. Darbus pronounce the word “musical?” Who got Gabriella’s math teacher pregnant? And in which year of college will Ryan finally figure himself out?

But there’s one brain buster that bops right to the top of my list: What in the name of Sharpay’s fugly wardrobe is Twinkle Towne actually about? (To be fair, this is a curse that befalls many productions within movies and TV shows; I dare you to explain the plot of Showgirls‘ musical masterpiece Goddess or Smash‘s Tony Award-nominated Hit List without Googling.)

In honor of HSM turning the big 1-0, TVLine decided to re-watch the DCOM — which also re-airs tonight at 8/7c with commentary from the cast — in an attempt to unravel the musical mystery that is Twinkle Towne. Browse our gallery below, then drop a comment with your own unanswered questions from High School Musical.

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