Younger Premiere Recap: Liza's Secret Is Safe — But Is Her Relationship?

Younger Season Premiere

Caitlin might have returned from India on Wednesday’s season premiere of Younger, but it was Liza who suffered the real culture shock.

Already unsure of her status with Josh — and for good reason, considering I can’t even keep their relationship straight — Liza feared the worst when he cancelled their drink-date because he had to work. And who was his time-consuming client, you ask? Why, none other than Liza’s daughter, now sporting some fresh ink “right on the side boob.” The mother-daughter drama escalated further when Caitlin caught Josh and Liza making out, which inspired an aggravating non-conversation about what’s really going on with Liza. Was it any surprise that Caitlin was already packed and moving out the next morning?

Over at Empirical, personal frustrations — plus a highly competitive offer from a rival firm — earned Kelsey her own imprint, while Diana continued to pant over Charles like a hungry dog with a chipped tooth. (In other news, do not eat the peppercorn shrimp at any of Bobby Flay’s restaurants.)

Now, for a few of my assorted thoughts on Younger‘s new season:

* Maggie’s relationship with Lauren — much like Lauren herself — is a little nutty, but I’m a fan. In fact, I’ve always loved Maggie; she deserves a little action after everything she’s done to keep Liza’s new dream life afloat.

* I also kind of love Thad. He might be a walking bro cliché, but there’s a layer of caring under everything he does for Kelsey, like his choice of words while promising to get Kelsey a good offer from Hachette: “I’m going to squeeze their nuts until they’re squirting money in your face.” Graphic? Sure. Sweet? I think so.

* On the flip side, I’m not the biggest fan of Caitlin. Liza’s daughter provided nice moments of clarity last season with her occasional Skype chats, but by the time Wednesday’s premiere was half-over, she proved she doesn’t have what it takes to sit at the grown-up table. I get that Liza is her mom, but when Caitlin called her relationship with Josh the “grossest” thing she’s ever heard… well, that just hurt.

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