Teen Wolf Recap: Beast Unburdened

Teen Wolf Recap

The Beast of Gévaudan is officially on the loose in Beacon Hills, and while I still can’t spell its name without double-checking Google, at least we know a lot more about it after Tuesday’s Teen Wolf.

For example, we know that it isn’t a “new” chimera, but rather a super-old creature that’s been “resurrected” by the Dread Doctors. And its presence in town has everyone on edge; not only did Theo (sort of) propose a truce with Scott, but Argent was forced to rehabilitate good ol’ Gerard so he could lend a hand. I honestly don’t know which move was more desperate.

But hey, at least Scott and Stiles put a big fat Band-Aid on their fractured friendship this week. Between the “Sciles” reunion and Stiles coming clean to his dad about what really happened with Donovan, my hope for that boy was almost completely renewed tonight. Now if only he could set things right with Malia — who’s currently a little preoccupied busting baddies with Braeden — all would be well in the Stiles-verse.

Elsewhere this week…

CHIMER-OMEO & JULIET | For those of you keeping score at home, we now have two inter-pack romances on our hands: Liam and Selena Gomez Hayden remain committed to keeping their star-crossed relationship alive, while a new spark has officially been lit between Mason and Corey. Of course, any hope viewers might have for a double date will likely be dashed by Theo, who could make ruining the moment his full-time job. (And I really have nowhere else to discuss this, so I’ll just ask it here: Did anyone else think Theo was going to use those jumper cables as nipple clamps during his little “training” session? Anyone?)

‘DON’T BE AFRAID’ | Can we talk about Meredith for a second? Words can’t possibly describe the euphoria I experienced when I realized who was attached to the slimy afro that emerged from the bathtub in Eichen House this week. It was very appropriate, very Samara from The Ring. And I’m thrilled that she’s decided to mentor Lydia and teach her how to use her voice like a weapon. She’s been letting that instrument gather rust for far too long.

Teen Wolf fans, did you enjoy Meredith’s return as much as I did? And what are your thoughts on the new monster in town? Drop a comment with your review of the episode below.

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