Pretty Little Liars Season 6B: A New Villain, an 'Edgier' Vibe and More Scoop

Pretty Little Liars Season 6B

The Pretty Little Liars are no longer teenagers when Season 6 resumes Tuesday (Freeform, 8/7c), but you’ll be happy to know they’re just as angsty as ever.

“There’s a lot of awkwardness in 6B, especially in the first half as people are returning to Rosewood and reuniting,” executive producer Marlene King tells TVLine. “Old habits die hard, so when you put all these characters back together in this small town, there’s going to be conflict. There’s love, but there’s also tension.”

The liars — along with Mona, whose trustworthiness will be reevaluated in this run of episodes, King teases — are called home to testify at a hearing for Charlotte’s release from Radley, and it isn’t long before they find themselves doing a very familiar song and dance.

“Along with the new mystery in 6B is the birth of what I call our ‘Uber Bad’ in the show,” King explains. “Who is this ‘Uber Bad’? We find out fairly soon what this ‘Uber Bad’ wants, but we won’t know who it is for a while.” (Here’s hoping “a while” doesn’t turn out to be another 130 episodes.)

Though the identity of “Uber Bad” is being kept under wraps, King says its speciality is “taking advantage of everybody’s weakness,” which will make Emily — who is “by far the most damaged and broken by what has happened while we were away for those five years” — a prime target.

And while I’m sure we’d all love to point a big judgmental finger at Sara Harvey and call it a day, King is quick to remind us that “everyone is a suspect” — including the girls’ new love interests. “Given the girls’ history with newcomers,” she hints, “it’s fair to say that they should be cautious.”

(In case you’re not caught up with the liars’ romantic escapades, Hanna has a new fiancé named Jordan, Aria is getting flirty with her co-worker Liam and “Spoby” is simply a thing of the past.)

“We definitely get edgier in 6B,” King says. “I wouldn’t say we get darker, because we got very dark with the dollhouse, but the stakes are higher. And we’re more grown up. That’s the best way to describe the season: We’re all grown up.”

Fellow PLL junkies, what are your hopes and fears for Season 6B? Do you have any early theories about this potentially new “Uber Bad”? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.