TVLine Items: House of Cards Teaser, Bill Hader's HBO Pilot and More

House Of Cards Season 4

Behind every great president, there’s a cold-blooded killer.

If you want proof, look no further than the latest House of Cards teaser, released Monday in advance of the Netflix drama’s fourth season.

In the minute-long video below, Frank Underwood tries to assure viewers of his humility and compassion as a political leader… all while we’re reminded of his homicidal tendencies throughout the years. (That poor dog!)

House of Cards returns Friday, March 4.

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well…

* HBO has given a pilot order to Barry, a half-hour comedy starring SNL vet Bill Hader (who will also direct and co-write). Per Deadline, the project follows an ex-Marine (Hader) who works as a low-rent hitman in the Midwest and, upon traveling to Los Angeles for an assignment, ends up finding an accepting community within the city’s theater scene.

* The Office alums Oscar Nunez and Craig Robinson are set to guest-star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. According to EW.com, Nunez will play a doctor who brings bad news to Jake and Holt in the Jan. 19 episode, while Robinson will once again play the Pontiac Bandit on Jan. 26.

* SNL comedienne Leslie Jones will guest-star on a mid-February episode of The Blacklist, playing a woman who shamelessly hits on Red after mistaking him for a guy from her spin class, EW.com reports.

* Utkarsh Ambudkar — best known as Mindy Lahiri’s brother Rishi on The Mindy Project — will recur on The Muppets as a villainous network exec who tries to intervene and change Up Late With Miss Piggy, per EW.com.