The Blacklist Season 3

Blacklist Boss Talks Potential Death of [Spoiler], Megan Boone's Pregnancy

The Blacklist creator Jon Bokenkamp has a few crucial words of advice for viewers as the show resumes its third season: Don’t assume that Elizabeth Keen is going to make it out alive.

Liz, as you might recall, was finally captured by Ressler and the task force in November’s fall finale — an outcome she’d been dreading, as it puts her life in serious danger with both the FBI and The Cabal.

“There are very few rules that we are afraid of breaking,” Bokenkamp tells TVLine, when asked if Liz is really in the mortal danger she’s been fearing. “Alan Alda is somebody who we loved having on the show, and it broke my heart that we blew him up in the box, but it felt like that’s where the story had to go. We’re certainly not afraid of taking some really big swings.”

The Blacklist Season 3Regardless of whether Liz actually survives her latest ordeal, Bokenkamp teases that the remaining Season 3 episodes (which begin tonight at 9/8c on NBC) will be “very precarious” for her and Red alike.

“[Red] has a plan that is not in place, and things are happening faster than he had anticipated,” he shares. “The whole crew is in a very uncomfortable situation.”

Speaking of tricky situations, Bokenkamp confirms that the Blacklist producers have come to a decision on how to handle Megan Boone’s pregnancy — but that’s about all he’ll share.

“It’s difficult because Megan works incredibly hard,” he says. “She’s in almost every scene of the show, and the decision to include it or not was something we took quite seriously. I’m not going to tell you what we decided, but we have figured out what to do.”

The Blacklist fans, how do you think the rest of Season 3 will shake out? Hit the comments with your hopes!

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  1. Steve says:

    Really hope they decided somehow to not write it in but because of how integral meghan is to the show i fear they will write it in

  2. Alyse says:

    I definitely think they will write in her pregnancy. They can’t just hide her behind objects or give her less screen time with the role her character plays in the show.

    • johnhelvete says:

      Homeland season 2 used digital trickery in post to remove Claire Danes baby bump towards the end of the season. It can be done but it does involve spending money.

      • Miranda says:

        Hell, Scandal just used oversized coats/clothes, handbags, and camera angles to cover up Kerry Washington’s pregnancy.

  3. Jared says:

    I think she dies. Red goes on a revenge spree and they try to capture him again.

    • Big Mike says:

      Think about that for a minute. If she dies, why would it matter that they’ve “made a decision” about how to incorporate/not incorporate her pregnancy?

      • wrstlgirl says:

        They’ve decided not to incorporate it in by killing off the character. Just wishful thinking on my part.

      • Amelia says:

        Or they pull a Person of Interest and kill her off while on maternity leave and then, surprise, she’s not really dead. I know POI they revealed she was alive well before (I think, only a sporadic viewer) she came back but they could kill her off and bring her back either for a scene in the finale or back for November sweeps.

  4. arial2 says:

    Yeah, right, they’re going to kill of Liz. Unless they’re planning to drop the whole “Red’s really a good guy who was wronged” (and you just know that’s the long game), and make him go totally rogue and kill everyone who would be any way involved in killing Liz, I just don’t see that happening. And I don’t think it would pay off for NBC. But ABC might be really happy about it.

  5. arial2 says:

    “It’s difficult because Megan works incredibly hard” – that’s what doubles are for.

  6. Frankie says:

    I hope they will not write it in because seriously liz can’t have a child and be a mom at this point of her life, she doesn’t even know if she’ll survive the day…also she has a lot of questions about her and her mother and clearly she is not ready to be a mother

  7. I really hope they are not going to write the pregnancy in. It makes no sense for the story in general or for Liz right now. Not to mention that it potentially being Tom’s baby is a bad option, given what a mess their past marriage was. Tom lied to and betrayed Liz for most of the show.

  8. Sunny says:

    Really hope they make the pregnancy part of the story. I love the idea of a Tom and Liz baby.

    • miss says:

      I want writers makes liz pregnant…it would be too cute.. liz loves tom and tom loves liz.. great chemistry between liz and tom

    • justjesse74 says:

      I have been thinking a Tom & Liz baby too!! You can tell he’s still in Love with her. (PLUS: the actor who plays Tom is HOT!!) I truly thought they made a. great couple.

  9. Mr. Tran K says:

    If Liz gets killed off, I’ll never give up watching Blacklist until the very end. Better get rid of David Straithairn’s character for good.

  10. HAP says:

    The fact that Bokenkamp stated that Megan is in almost every scene of the show put the lie to the idea that they would ever kill her off.

  11. mike says:

    They aren’t going to kill of Liz or Red. Would be show suicide. Anyone but those two yes.

  12. Best they can do is to kill off her character. Blaklist is all about James Spader, and her character has just gotten more and more annoying. So kill her off and turn it into a James Spader-show only.

  13. damroberts744 says:

    I think the basis of the show relies so heavily on Red and Liz as characters that I have a tough time seeing the show without her. I imagine that she may simply be in jail for the time being…Scandal handled Kerry Washington’s pregnancy well.

  14. wrstlgirl says:

    I think the show needs something to really shake it up and that’s not Liz being pregnant. I’d rather they kill her off and steer Red in a different direction.

  15. schbusdrvr says:

    They should make her pregnant on the show because she had sex with her former husband before she went and shot the…she could be pregnant unexpectedly. I don’t think they should kill her off because, technically, she’s the reason for the show..Red wouldn’t of turned himself in if she didn’t exist soooo? It wouldn’t make sense to kill her. Just my opinion. Besides I really want to find out what the whole story is.

  16. Kat says:

    This isn’t game of thrones. Does anyone actually believe they’ll kill off one of the Co leads? If they do, that’s it for the show, for me.

    Also, please don’t write in the pregnancy. That’s a little too soap opera for me. This is a drama, not a night time soap like Scandal. The show was better when it focused on conspiracies and the blacklist, not in these frustrating personal relationships.

  17. ndixit says:

    Pfft… I don’t believe that for a second. The whole show is based around Red and Liz. They aren’t killing either one off. As for Megan’s pregnancy, based on the most recent ep press release, Liz apparently receives some unexpected news. I’m guessing that’s her pregnancy. Generally, show runners announce when they aren’t incorporating the pregnancy into the show. Given that they haven’t, makes me pretty certain that they are incorporating it. It’s not like they ever mentioned how much time has gone by since Liz has been on the run. It’s a really terrible idea but they have been pushing Liz/Tom pretty hard since mid last season.

    • I think they are sadly using the question of “will they/won’t they incorporate it” as tease to create some “buzz” that’s why they don’t give a definite answer about what their decision is. They want ppl to tune in to find out on what they have decided. And its not as if much else is buzzing plot wise as it is clear Liz survives. The pregnancy is a simple yet emotional discussion topic just like “Dad or not the dad”. The latter has long been a “no, he is not.”, the former is hopefully also a “no, she is not.”

  18. Gaia says:

    So they say they’re willing to kill her, and have figured out how to write in her pregnancy. This smells of faking her death for a while.

  19. Rick Katze says:

    Second comment: Hadn’t realized the actress was pregnant. This does change the equation. I have a life and don’t follow all the news.

  20. Maryann says:

    If they kill Liz, I am likely done. To me, she feels like the star of the show, and I’m not really interested in it without her.

  21. Ally T says:

    Maybe they’ll use her pregnancy as a disguise. I remember on the series finale of Justified Raylan told Ava no one knew to look for a pregnant woman that resembled Ava. Which is why she was never caught until a few years after she had the baby. They faked her death for a few hours. Just pretend the pregnant actress’s character is wearing a pregnancy belly and hide her in some big city until they can come up with a way to clear her and bring down the cabal. I know it’s ridiculous, but it’s television. It doesn’t have to be serious.

  22. jj says:

    Please kill Tom!

  23. Ali says:

    Maybe there are two Liz’s. Like evil twins or clones. One will die, then, “surprise,” the other will be revealed to still be alive. I doubt they’ll get rid of Megan Boone, so it will be interesting to see what they do about her pregnancy. Maybe she got it on somehow with Ressler (that would be fun) and it’s his kid? (he banged the other chick so why not her too?)

  24. Lynn says:

    The story itself gives it away, “the remaining season 3episodes will be very precarious for her and Red.” They can’t be precarious for her if she were dead. I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch if there’s a kid. If there is they’d better kill off Tom. I have no interest in seeing them as the happy family. Tom needs to go regardless. He was great in season1 but it’s obvious they meant to kill him when Liz shot him but they seem to love him for some reason and now are just trying to find things for him to do when he really doesn’t serve any purpose anymore.

    • ihaveqs2 says:

      One scenario that no one has mentioned: What if the writers kill off the baby? It happens. The writers obviously had to write in Boone’s pregnancy since the actress is pregnant – and that is a very difficult thing to hide in the last trimester. But Liz works for the FBI!!! What if the baby doesn’t survive?!?!?

  25. davido says:

    Hey, Jon. Kill Tom, AKA The Most Annoying (and overstayed) Character on TV. And Eggold’s stupid duck face has gotta go. Thanks!

  26. Simone says:

    I don’t think they’d do it, because the show is incredible and this would be a terribly soap opera-y way to get around the Megan’s pregnancy.

    But, they could “kill” Liz and then bring her back in some big plan Red had hatched to save her from a real death at the Cabals hands

    However, like I said that would be the worst possible way to et around it. Can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with :D

  27. chocolatfrog says:

    They will put her in prison for a couple of months

  28. Storys says:

    Killing her off isn’t a good idea at all. She’s too integral for the other characters though I do think we’re coming up to a death soon by the way the story is going. Can’t say I’m a big fan for it being written in either. I would rather she was the ‘missing object’ for a few episodes instead. Everyone hunting to find her, her missing for whatever reason, etc. hey could still shoot some scenes with her but that would allow for less scenes and avoiding certain shots. They could do digital removal but that is most likely expensive for the show/network. Odds are though, it’ll be written in as her and Tom’s kid, a pairing I really am not that big of a fan of, and Tom will most likely get killed.

  29. Hector says:

    If they kill Megan, I will not see the show anymore.

  30. Walkie says:

    It would be a VERY good move if the show killed of Liz. She’s the character holding the storyline back. I think it’s time to dive further into Red’s story.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      100% agree. Or at the very least have her missing/presumed dead for awhile. She’s the reason why I struggle watching the show and if they add a pregnancy it will be awful.

  31. David4 says:

    I really hope they kill her off and replace her with a better actress. Now that would be daring.

  32. scott eller says:

    She will go 8nto hiding from everyone till the baby is born, meanwhile figuring out how to expose the bad organization and then return to the FBI and continue REDS list.

  33. wanda says:

    I wouldn’t think it would be a smart move to kill off Liz. There are so many other directions that they could take.

  34. Judi says:

    Don’t kill off agent Keene. She is,besides Reddington, the purpose of the show

  35. Michael says:

    Easy Fix for Keen ( Megan Boone’s pregnancy). She was captured by FBI. She goes to prison and awaits her trail. all shots are through a cell window or her sitting down with Ressler or Red. After she has baby and returns to work she can get out of prison and resume her life on the road with Red or as FBI agent. Simple fix

  36. K H says:

    There is no way Lizzie can die. Red would be obsessed with hunting and killing whoever was responsible. Then he’d let himself be killed.
    Jon talks of going on for 10 or 12 years. Without two of our most beloved characters There’s no need for aSeason 4. (Don’t even THINK about killing off Dembe either!)
    I do admit I didn’t expect Alan’s brain matter all over the inside of The Box.
    He was great in that role.
    As for pregnant Megan…every show has to deal with “hide the baby” while filming. We can see Lizzie from the shoulders up as her face gets fuller, but suspend reality in the real world. We do it all the time.
    If Claire. Danes can do it Megan can.

  37. Michelle says:

    I think she should be pregnant and tom is already in it to clear her why not put more drama into it.tressler,liz and tom. Tom and tressler already fight.they both love liz as much as red,if not more.
    With Tom falling for liz accidentally,directors could do loads more.

  38. DOROTHY says:

    Hope Megan Boone leaves. Never liked her. If character comes back, change actress. Say she had plastic surgery. My sister’s can’t stand her either. Other than her, love everyone else. Also, need much much more Red. That’s how you will have an award winning show.

  39. Steve says:

    In 1987, I wrote about Cybill Shepherd’s pregnancy on “Moonlighting.” The quote from creator Glenn Gordon Caron: “We’re still sorting things out. We have plans afoot to deal with the production problems. Creatively, we know some of the answers, but we can’t share it with you.”

  40. old guy says:

    please get rid of christeen latte and strathairn they are just plain awful ,mostly her .stupid in the show,

  41. xantertia says:

    I can’t be the only Blacklist fan who has also seen LA Confidential. Blatant plot stealing in last night’s episode! Rollo Tomassi!!

  42. Karen says:

    Do the math. Liz+ Red = Blacklist. Exciting, thrilling show with great storytelling, twists and turns built around its two dynamic lead characters. Ironic that Liz ends up in the same box that Red was incarcerated in at the beginning of season 1. Love their deep, still-undefined relationship. And, I love the Aram character, too.

  43. Bryan says:

    Nowhere in anything Bokenkamp said does he insinuate or even leave room for the possibility that Liz is in danger of dying. You guys drew that conclusion completely on your own and it’s discouraging that people in the comment section are taking it seriously.

  44. Russ says:

    Don’t be stupid, writing Megan Boone out of the Blacklist will kill the show. She is to important a character for the story line. Wont make any sense without here. Now if she choose to leave that one thing but with her gone the show cant be that interesting.

  45. nikita says:

    Well, I guess being pregnant explains why suddenly a highly-trained agent became such a whimpering wuss this season. I mean, she’s spent the last few shows hiding behind Red’s coattails, and this last show just curled up in a ball while a jerk kicked her in a grocery parking lot! Some agent.

  46. Lorraine says:

    I think they should let Liz and Tom get marry and focus more on Red, seem as if the story line is about Liz

  47. ihaveqs2 says:

    I REALLY wish the writers would spill the beans on the relationship between Red and Liz. I mean Liz works for the FBI, and she can’t figure out who Red is to her. She and her team are able to track down bad guys all over the world, and she can’t figure out who Red is to her. Liz and her team are able to deal with all of these bad guys, but she, after 3 seasons, STILL cannot figure out who Red is to her. Come on! It isn’t that hard to do a paternity blood test these days….. Come on writers! Spill the beans!! There are a LOT of things that still can be done with this show, but regarding Red and Lizzy: let’s move on…. Or i probably will….

  48. Eread says:

    All I see here is how to work in Liz’s pregnancy. Heck I just want to know the relationship between Red and Liz. They need to get on with that truth first. I’ve been on the hook for almost 3 seasons. I’m about to just give up watching. It’s just driving me crazy!!!!!!

  49. Kennetta says:

    Elizabeth and Red are the main characters. Why would you kill off the central focus of the story? I really hope what I just saw isn’t as it seems.

    • SN says:

      No way Lizzie is dead! I think it’s a ruse to keep her and baby alive or to keep her alive & away from Red & all danger.

    • Emichael says:

      Sadly and surprisingly she’s dead. There are no twists in her death.

    • Tiff says:

      Agrreed!! I think shell come out of that comma. Happens in real life. I agree they cant kill the main part of the show. If shes dead, I may loose interest. All the mysteries left a mystery!

      • Ross says:

        I think its part of a conspiracy! She wanted out if reds life! Theyll transport her and shell be alive! She was in the comma!

  50. Tonya says:

    She cannot die! !!!!