Mike & Molly Season Premiere Recap: Book Tour de Force

Mike & Molly Season Premiere

With only a few months until Mike & Molly say goodbye, it’s fitting that the CBS comedy’s titular couple spent Wednesday’s season premiere mending their damaged relationships — even if they did so by accident.

Following the unfortunate business from last season’s finale — lest you forget, Carl is still quite salty about being uninvited from Mike’s family cruise — the partners attempted to make amends through couple’s therapy. That went… about as well as you’d expect. And things didn’t get much better when the two ran into each other at a gay cop bar, where Carl had some harsh words for his now-former partner: “You’re not a cop, you’re a liability!” (I mean, he wasn’t wrong, but that’s still got to hurt.)

Like most of life’s squabbles, it took an unexpected twist — in this case, Mike accidentally blowing a hole through the roof of his squad car while patrolling with his new partner — to reunite the feuding friends. Watching Carl come to Mike’s defense while the rest of the precinct mocked his poor shotgun skills was damn near heartwarming.

Meanwhile, Molly was forced to fly solo during an NPR interview about her and Peggy’s new book. She might have bored the listeners to tears, but I have to give credit where credit is due: She’s got that radio voice down to a science. If Sarah Koenig ever decides she’s done with Serial, I know who they should call.

This led to a kind-of bizarre revelation from Peggy, that she refuses to enjoy life because she believes God would punish her for it. That’s dark, Peggy. That’s real dark.

Now tell us, Mike & Molly faithful: Was Wednesday’s season premiere worth the wait? And do you think you’ll be ready to say goodbye when the finale comes a-knocking? Grade the episode below, them drop a comment with all of your thoughts.

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