Making a Murderer Avery Framed

Making a Murderer Update: Steve Avery Was Framed, a Juror Tells Producers

A juror who served on the 2005 murder trial around which much of Netflix’s Making a Murderer documentary series revolves believes Steve Avery was indeed framed, successfully, by law enforcement officials.

The unnamed juror “told us that they believe Steven Avery was not proven guilty,” Making a Murderer producer Laura Ricciardi shared Tuesday on NBC’s Today. Echoing what had been the defense’s contention at the time, “[The juror] believe[s] Steven was framed by law enforcement and that he deserves a new trial — and if he receives a new trial, in their opinion it should take place far away from Wisconsin.”

Prior to his murder conviction, Avery served 18 years for the rape of a local woman, only to eventually be exonerated by a revisiting of the iffy case and a closer look at DNA evidence. Two years later, he was charged with the rape and murder of a different woman.

The juror who came forward to filmmakers Ricciardi and Moira Demos back in 2005 voted to convict Avery in the death of Teresa Halbach, for which he received a life sentence, but only because he/she “feared for their personal safety,” Ricciardi said. Should there be a retrial, said juror has volunteered to testify.

Since Making a Murderer caught the country’s attention, the prosecutor on the Manitowoc County, Wisconsin murder case, as well as the sheriff (who was prevented from participating in the narrative by a judge’s order), have argued that the docuseries omitted pieces of evidence and manipulated the narrative.

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  1. Babybop728 says:

    I definitely think there was evidence planted by the police and that the process was unfair… However, I also definitely think he killed her. The documentary leaves some important details out so they can make it seem like Steven was 100% innocent. I guess we’ll see what happens!

    • La_Chula says:

      I could not agree with you more!
      The people I feel sorry for are Teresa’s family.
      I felt the documentary was too one sided and did not present enough of the prosecution’s side/evidence.

      • Rolfe says:

        After Teresa’s family, I feel bad for Steven’s mom the most. That scene when she showed all the documents she sent to 20/20, 60 Minutes etc.. broke my heart. She fought for her son in the 1985 case and had very little means to do so.

        Even though I believe Steven killed Teresa, I completely understand why his mom and dad think he didn’t based on the 1985 case.

        I also feel bad for Teresa’s brother. I’ve seen many people online accuse him of her murder. That’s a flaw in true crime, we are wired to look for other suspects. This isn’t Law and Order. This is real.

        • charlie says:

          Seriously his mom is just unreal. All that traveling she did just to visit with him when he was locked up too. The material she was sending out that you mentioned looked like so much work. Putting those packets together looked really miserable.

      • Alan says:

        I think it was the ex boyfriend.
        They didnt show more of the prosecution side of the case because the prosecution didn’t really have and solid evidence at all.

        • Terrene says:

          I agree. I just watched all ten episodes and my husband and I both said that he looked very nervous on the stand.

          • Donna says:

            I totally agree that the boyfriend looked nervous and I don’t believe Steven done this. I hope this helps him and his nephew to another trial.

        • AMC4x4 says:

          That was my thought too. The key scene I felt was when both he and the brother were on camera just after the car had been found and the reporter asked him if he had access to the yard or something and he changed his answer quickly?

          And did anyone else notice the brother early on in the documentary said they were “in mourning” when her body/car hadn’t even been found yet?

          Also, They never said who had been calling Theresa before her death, when she mentioned to that guy “oh, him again…” during lunch or whatever. Maybe they know who it was and just never said it. I’m sure if he knew when he had lunch with her, they could have gotten her phone records and matched the time up.

        • Kharrell says:

          I am concerned that no one else was investigated but Avery. My question is if he did not do this horrible crime then there should be some efforts made to find out who did
          I agree

          • Mark says:

            But they never suspected any one else. What about the other nephew that went hunting? He didn’t have a provable alibi. And he’s a Hunter. Doent he have guns and knives? He kind of looks like Stevens other nephew. Its a whole lot of credibility issues with other people. Our justice system is so corrupt, I’d hate to steal a candy bar. I may get charged with murder.

        • 8749dayton says:

          I AGREE! There is something up with that guy.

        • Margaret Rose says:

          I too thought the ex boyfriend and evenTeresa’s brother looked very uncomfortable … something was just off in their demeanor

        • Mark says:

          I think that it was the ex boyfriend also. He hacked into her phone bill account, I don’t think so. He knew her password. He erased the voicemails after he listened to them. The key they planted in Stevens house? I think it was her spare key that the ex boyfriend had possesion of. 8 days of searching the house by how many different officials and then Lenk and the other crooked deputy search the house and find this solo key that had no dna of hers on it. Only Stevens? Hhmmmmmm, if that isn’t framing someone, I don’t know what you call it. No blood, no dna, no witnesses. Maybe I did it.

      • John Sampson says:

        American justice is à joke based on money and power. Miscarriage of justice. Every single law enforcement person in the county should be in jail for life. And to think the law killed a woman to frame someone else just for money. Wow! And you people think Averys defence lawyers are stupid?So much corruption it makes mexico look like a playground. Why isn’t Teresa’s family going after the cops as the real murderers. When will the real story come out and put those clowns on trial. How do they sleep at night. American justice makes me wanna puke . travesty of justice of so many innocent people suffer because of fat egos and money. Pathetic !

      • John Sampson says:

        American justice is à joke based on money and power. Miscarriage of justice. Every single law enforcement person in the county should be in jail for life. And to think the law killed a woman to frame someone else just for money. Wow! And you people think Averys defence lawyers are stupid?So much corruption it makes mexico look like a playground. Why isn’t Teresa’s family going after the cops as the real murderers. When will the real story come out and put those clowns on trial. How do they sleep at night. American justice makes me wanna puke . travesty of justice of so many innocent people suffer because of fat egos and money. Pathetic !
        By the way the cop said it would have been easier to eliminate him rather than frame him!! But if they eliminated him they would be suspects. If they kill the girl they can frame him and save themselves . huge cost to families and the county to prosecute . but they killed her . wow . Teresa s family better wake up. You people in that county live in a very very scary place. The law there is evil!!

    • Den says:

      Well! Where’s the evidence?
      Remove the blinders.

      • Evidence was provided by the Sheriff’s department that was supposed to be removed from the investigation, due to a conflict of interest. All of which was suspicious, since they had been in the home several times and it was found in plain sight. Key ring was free of all dna accept Steve’s, that key ring should have had lots of the victims dna. No blood found where they claim the victim was stabbed and shot. The list goes on and on.

        • Also the claim that Steve was the last one to see her, really bothers me. They really had no proof who was the last person to see her, they just assumed it since they don’t know.

        • Terry says:


        • Fan1800 says:

          After seeing the documentary I was disgusted by the way Mr. Avery was robbed of his freedom. I’m more disgusted as to why hasn’t anyone in our government done anything to help.. I can’t take this man’s suffering out of my mind. In my oppinion he didn’t kill her. I can bet money that it was the Sexual harasser DA. With Avery in prison the shame they were going to be put through with the lawsuit for false inprisonment would be put on hold. I feel so bad for his poor parents. To the sell outs in the jury, I hope you know that the only one you should fear is God. I can’t believe how coward u were. How can u sleep at night?

          • ikephelan says:

            I agree about feeling bad for Mr. Avery I was getting so angry about the whole thing I had to stop watching it. The amount of implied injustice in the documentary was enough to make any good American sick to their stomach. I to this day do not know how they convicted him and no one questioned the timeing of the charges or the fact that ever since he was a kid a deputies wife has harassed him and basically got him thrown in jail for a crime he did not commit. One last thing if he was going to kill anyone after all that I would think it would be the lady that got him put in jail by telling a courtroom and jurors that he was the man that tried to rape her that day on the beach. That was the only person other then the deputies wife and law inforcement he had any reason to kill.

          • Zoe Hebblelethwaite says:

            I can’t believe anyone in their right mind believes a man who, on the phone to his mum, saying he’s going to commit suicide and has had enough, only to be brought round with his mum making him laugh is a killer. And the cop interviewing that poor lad – I had to stop watching. Guiding his answers. What was dressing him up in a black and white stripe suite with hand mitts? I am disgusted. Utterly disgusted.

          • JAK says:

            Kratz, the DA you refer to, was a special prosecuter from Calumet County. No ties to Manitowoc County where the murder took place. You really need to do more than watch a 10 hour Netflix documentary like some other research.

        • Gena says:

          After watching all 10 episodes I can’t imagine anyone that watches this can think that either Steven or Brendan had anything to do with the murder. I just kept saying to myself, and anyone that was around because I’m screaming at the tv, he’s charged with murder the following month after everyone was deposed for the misconduct from the first trial! How effing convenient! Not to mention the overwhelming lack of real evidence! No blood! No blood! No blood! There should have been DNA all over the bedroom where they supposedly stabbed her and cut her throat. And I can’t even get started on poor Brendan! I hope they finally get the justice that’s deserved to them and that Teresa’s family also get the same justice when the person or persons that actually committed this crime are found!

          One last comment…Karma’s a bitch, huh Ken Kratz! He gave me the creeps from day one! LOL

          • Brian says:

            Its the jurors fault. How a they convict with no evidence. No dna on the key except stevens, no reason for her blood to be in the back of the rav 4 if he killed her 20 feet from the burn pit, no blood l, dna semen nothing found in the house or the garage. A bullet from a .22 on the ground in the garage. Why would it be there? A .22 is not going to enter and exit a skull its not that powerful, if it was found in the burn pit that might make sense. Why is it that searches were done nymerous times before these obvious things were found. Averys blood in the rv but no fingerprints anywhere in th rv of averys really? And that cop was caught lying rifht on the stand how many times? Especually whn he called that plate in and he stated what the nake and modelwas before the dispatcher did? He obvioysly saw that vehicle somewhere after she went missing and before it was found on averys property. The puncture hole in the blood vile img people of the jury what the hell were you thinking .

          • mary says:

            Now I am not saying he’s guilty or innocent. Because quite frankly WE do not & probably will not ever know. Keep in mind this is basically a film that was edited. There are things that were never included in this documentary. Not to mention that Steven himself points the fingers at his brothers. Yes there was planted evidence. That does not mean he is innocent. That just means they did not have the evidence to prove it(whether it was Steven or someone else). But someone did kill her.

          • Mark says:

            But they never suspected any one else. What about the other nephew that went hunting? He didn’t have a provable alibi. And he’s a Hunter. Doent he have guns and knives? He kind of looks like Stevens other nephew. Its a whole lot of credibility issues with other people. Our justice system is so corrupt, I’d hate to steal a candy bar. I may get charged with murder.

          • Mark says:

            The law officials said the blood in the SUV was Stevens. The DA came to a conclusion that the reason there were no fingerprints was because steven wore gloves. Ok fine. But if he had gloves on, how did his blood get in the vehicle. Must have been a pinhole in his glove like there was on the blood vile. Crooked cops should get life in prison. How many lives have been taken away because of their lack of effort in other cases. Must be a Birch to live in manitowoc county. I don’t know how the population isn’t zero?

          • JAK says:

            I agree. If all you do is watch this you would think they’re innocent. If you live in Wisconsin and were old enough to follow this, maybe on the fence. If you read the court transcripts you can’t possibly think he’s for sure innocent.

        • Den says:

          I can’t see any evidence that both men are guilty.
          Whatever happened to innocent till proven guilty.
          The police and jury are at fault for putting two innocent men in prison. Oh, we can put the judge in the same boat.

          • AMC4x4 says:

            The judges in particular — they’re supposed to oversee the trial and make sure things that shouldn’t be admitted won’t be.

            I was just astounded when Brendan’s lawyers asked to reopen the case due to the fact that his appointed lawyer was basically working for the prosecution during the Avery trial. And then after it looked like the whole crew was going to be taken to task for all their sloppy work, the judge REFUSED. And then it went all the way to the highest state court. What a joke that whole state must be.


      • Ramcla says:

        I agree! Where’s the real evidence
        He’s not smart enough to clean that up

    • Jason Guffey says:

      I just keep coming back to her blood in the back of her suv…why would he load her in it to drive 15 feet? Also what happened to the deleted voicemails and who was it that was badgering her over the phone to the point where she was ignoring calls from him, stated by her coworker. At the very least the investigators owed it to her to investigate these leads and others. Oh and the complete lack of any blood in either his house or garage. Imagine a fine particulate mist being let loose in that cluttered garage, cleaning that would be impossible.

      • Robert says:

        I agree. There’s no fingerprints, but blood? I could see getting the blood in the back seat; but not the blood at the location of the near the ignition. Not to mention, why didn’t he use (his own) vehicle compactor to scrap the car (if you were going to put the bones or the body in it)? I extremely feel bad for B.Dassey. I have never seen such a miss gross of manipulation on someone with obvious mental disabilities. Plus, I didn’t understand how he could be convicted of a crime that could not have been committed the way he was stating (before the police influence)

      • HQ says:

        This is exactly what doesn’t add up. There was no blood or dna anywhere in the house or garage. There was no dna on the shackles or marks on the bed where Brendan “confessed” they locked her up. The only dna in the whole place was on these found objects just lying around. There is no way they could have perfectly cleaned up that garage and left behind the bullet. There is no way the police should have missed the magic key for 7 days of searching. After that long and thorough search, there should have been some of her blood or dna somewhere! That leaves only one conclusion, those items were placed by the police who just happen to show up on the days they are found. My theory on the bullet is that they found a spent bullet during their search and added Teresa’s dna to it before placing it in the garage.

        Also, the blood in the car with no other fingerprints or any other evidence doesn’t make sense. For there to be no fingerprints when he supposedly drove the car, one of two things would have had to happen. First, he would have had to completely wipe down the car and therefore should have cleaned the blood. Or he would have worn gloves and then how would have the cut on his finger bled in the car?

        This is a complete failure of our justice system. This revealed what goes wrong in so many cases, the police find a suspect that they think did it and build a case with evidence to support it, rather than looking at the evidence and following the evidence to the actual perpetrator. Presumption of innocence was completely missing in both the rape and murder trial. These arrogant cops should be ashamed of themselves but the problem is that they still don’t think they did anything wrong because their egos will not let them think otherwise.

    • Betty G says:

      Does finding her body burning in a barrel on his property and her car found covered up in the barn and her blood all over his bed and house count for the fact, he did brutally rape and killed her and was burning her body in a barrel? Those of us who lived and watched and know the facts knows he guilty as hell.

      • Marc says:

        Umm there was no blood found in his room or on his bed. There was no body found burning in a barrel on his property. There was bone fragments found in a burn pit on the property. Also, the vehicle was not found in a barn. It was found half assed covered up on the outer perimeter of the junkyard. Get your facts straight.

      • If he committed the murder, the car and her body most likely would have compacted, since he had the equipment to do so. Her DNA should also have been found on the key chain and not just his. Blood should have been found on the mattress as well as splatters on the wall in the room they claim she was murdered in. There was conflicting reports on where the bones were burned originally. The county that was supposed to be excluded from the investigation were very much involved, plus there was no way the man could have ever gotten a fair trial in that area. The trial should have been conducted far, far away. This county dropped the ball on this all the way around. They look guilty of planting things, by involving themselves in the investigation to begin with, therefore everything thing they found for what they claim is evidence, should not have been admitted in the court as evidence.

      • Terry says:

        What blood all over his bed and house are talking about? There wasn’t any dna in his house at all!

      • Winter says:

        See but you don’t know the facts because that is not the evidence at all. That sounds like faulty media coverage to me. I would suggest watching the show because the actual evidence is presented quite clearly.

      • Annie Logan says:

        His property was 40 acres and anyone could have entered it. Her care was hidden on his property and it was near a car crusher. It doesn’t make sense that he wouldn’t have crushed the car so it would have been unidenifyable, had he killed her. Let me guess, you are related to one of the people who set him up.

      • JT says:

        Her body was not found burning in a barrel on his property first off. Her remains, like her vehicle were found on his huge salvage yard that is accessible by anyone. None of her blood was found anywhere on his bed or in his residence second of all. Only blood from the test tube (that was punctured with a hypodermic needle and then sealed back up with tape) was found in her vehicle. Third, there is no evidence of rape except for Brendan Dassey’s testimony which was obvious to everyone was false. The only “evidence” the police had was her keys which were found by the police on the third search of his residence. If they weren’t planted, they would have been found immediately on the first search. So those of “you” who “know” the facts are the same extremely intelligent and clearly not biased individuals who made up the jury pool. You just made an even bigger case of how he’s innocent

        • sammy says:

          whether it was planted blood or not it was never proved the blood in the car was from the test tube, actually the test (which sounds like it is imperfect} said it was NOT from the test tube….
          Also there was other evidence in the bullet, whether it was planted or not it was there.
          To be non biased it was the DEFENSE who wanted the blood tested to prove it was from the tube, then wanted it dismissed when it wasn’t

      • Peace says:

        You must be one of the folks who is a part of framing this innocent man.

      • Lynn says:

        Did you not watch the Doc.? the car was not in the barn it was outside covered up, they found no blood inside the house or bed or walls!

      • Cynthia says:

        Are u related to the law-enforcement in Wisconsin !
        Get your story right about the blood!!

        • mary says:

          Um…you do know that not all law enforcement in Wisconsin are like this, right? If you don’t, that makes you just as bad as those cops who framed Avery just because they didn’t like the family. Don’t blame the whole because of a few.

      • Andreas says:

        I hope you are never on a jury. It took multiple searches to find the key to her car, oh by the way it was in plane sight. Theres no possible way someone who served 18 years in prison would commit a crime like this and leave all this damming evidence. This case stinks so bad and makes the best so called system in the world look horrible. To bad he couldnt afford Barry Scheck, Dershowitz ect ect. They would have destroyed the so called evidence in this case. I have so much more i could say but ive only watched 4 episodes. His nephew was a complete moron and NEVER talk to the police without a lawyer present, cops have even told me that numerous times.

      • Brian says:

        None of anything you said is even accurate.

      • Den says:

        Betty, you could not have watched the entire series with that statement of yours!

      • John says:

        Wow! get your facts straight!! The ONLY blood found anywhere was in the van surrounded by suspicion of tampered sealed blood from police evidence room, and the on a bullet that was so minuscule that even the analysis contaminated the specimen while obtaining it…hmmmm mmm the ONLY specimen compromised… These guys are innocent and you damm well know it!! Shame on the whole state of Wisconsin, I will NEVER step foot in that state because of how evil the officials are there…

      • Bob says:

        Come on Betty get your facts straight. Pay attention to detail the only blood they had was 3 swabs from the suv

      • Kharrell says:

        There was no blood or DNA found in the bedroom or garage

      • Casia says:

        There was not one drop of the victims blood or DNA in Averys bedroom or bed where she was allegedly chained and raped by Avery and his retarded Nephew. You must have missed that episode.

      • Ang Temple says:

        Hey did you know the sky is green, well you do now because I just told you. If you believe that SA and BD did this you don’t have original thoughts. Meaning you believe what you hear!

      • Claire says:

        Not sure what documentary you been watching??…. It’s people like you that would convict innocent people without hearing all the facts. There was NO EVIDENCE FOUND IN HIS PROPERTY? NO BLOOD NO BODY BURNING ! Nothing!…..,Only on a key that had no other dna on! Ohh and apparently her boot. I was sickened watching the full series. Both men have been framed and at least deserve a re-trial. Even if proven guilty WITH REAL EVIDENCE!!!!
        Good luck to both! hope your proved innocent and the guilty found soon.

      • Bill says:

        WELL Betty G as far as those of you who knows the facts! you didn’t really pay attention did you now? There was NO BLOOD in his house or barn. YOU FOOL that’s whats wrong with America we judge without facts

    • Annie Logan says:

      What details did they leave out? A read a couple things the police said were left out as proof he did it and they were ridiculous. Would love to hear what you know

    • Mi says:

      whether he killed her or not, you obviously don’t think he was legally convicted. The only reason you think he killed her is because the documentary didn’t accuse someone else of the crime. That would’ve been hypocritical and almost as disgusting as what was done to him. The point of the documentary was not to besmirch someone else’s name, it was about how evil it is to besmirch someone’s name. A person doesn’t have to be a saint in order to get the basic rights that America claims to give to people. Everyone is supposed to be assumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt (and that proof is supposed to be legitimate). Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey didn’t get any of that.

      • mary says:

        You are the only one who has it right. Thank you. Everyone seems to think he’s innocent, plain & simple because the police planted evidence. He could be & he is until proven guilty. But just because the police did wrong by our justice system doesn’t automatically mean Avery didn’t do it. It just means they didn’t have the evidence.

        • Bill says:

          Mary, the planted, so called, evidence should never been allowed in court, but it was. Steven was found guilty with no evidence whatsoever. The statement made by the nephew was thrown out. The key should have been thrown out. The bullet was an obvious plant and should have been tossed. No evidence of blood in house or garage. What’s left is a Rav4 parked in plain sight found by a suspicious individual who was guided before hand and was give a camera and bones fragments, which in itself doesn’t look good, but does not proof anyone’s guilt. So, to this point not one shred of hard evidence was presented to prove Steven Avery’s quilt. Turn this whole story around and look at the evidence. It’s pointing back at the LE, Prosecuting Attorney and Judge. When you include the tapered evidence kit of blood.. Guilty is the only verdict that can be given, but not to Avery.

          • mary says:

            I was not saying he is guilty. I am not saying they did not plant evidence. What I am saying, is WE don’t know one way or the other. Yes, he is innocent until proven guilty-not denying that at all. Many ask why plant evidence if he is guilty. Everyday there are unsolved murders. One of the reasons is not because they don’t have a suspect. But because they don’t have the evidence. All I am saying is it doesn’t automatically mean he did not do it. It just means, they would never be able to prosecute. There’s a case right now: girl murdered. Police, father, others believe it was her boyfriend. They go into his apt & do not find evidence of a murder. But they do arrest him, because he had child porn. Now he’s going to trial for that. But the murdered girlfriend will probably never be solved because they don’t have the evidence. Does not mean he is not guilty though. This time no one planted evidence.

    • John says:

      what factual details? NOT Wisconsin fabricated bull crap!

    • Ramcla says:

      Many people in this case sold their souls to the Devil!! They will have their day.

      Where is the blood!!!

      • Craig says:

        I can’t wait until the ones who were all involved with this tyranny setup get theirs. Cops, judges, prosecutors, FBI, you know who you are. Karma is a B……….

    • Argoil Charbroil says:

      Based on what? if you think evidence was planted how can you say hes guilty?

    • John Sampson says:

      The cops killed her !!

    • Robin Janet says:

      Thank you , I feel the same way, the film was to one sided and left out so much evidence.

    • Random says:

      It’s literally IMPOSSIBLE that he killed her.
      Totally 100% innocent.
      Lenk and Colburn killed her and planted evidence.
      No doubt in my mind.

    • George says:

      During the entire trial, the defense was constantly put in the position of trying to prove Avery’s innocense.
      The Judge, over and over again, rulled in favour of the prosecution on nearly every objection and every motion.
      That is NOT how our justice system is supposed to work… THE BURDEN OF PROOF LIES ON THE PROSECUTION.
      Lenk and Cobourn should BOTH be charged and jailed for obstruction of Justice and perjury. The IDIOT Judge should be disbarred, jailed and fined.
      Arrogant, Smug, downright EVIL Bastards!
      Dassey was coerced and intimidated into a false Confession. I hope The Manitowock PD, as well as that incompetent Judge NEVER live this down, and are held up as an example of corruption and conspiracy for decades upon decades to come.
      I feel heartbroken for Avery’s Mum and Dad, being subjected to this TWICE at their age.
      The Bastards shall reap what they’ve sown ..Evil Swine.
      God have mercy on these Pigs.

  2. Rolfe says:

    I still think he’s guilty. Sorry. I won’t be signing a useless petition.

    • Matt says:

      Its not about guilt or innocence, its about a fair trial. We can all agree he deserves that, no?

      • Rolfe says:

        The White House petition is asking for a pardon from President Barack Obama. Which I don’t believe he can even do because this is a state crime and not a federal crime. The White House petition I see doesn’t ask for a fair trial.

        • laurie says:

          if not a federal crime then why the fbi involvement. you need a test, hold on a second, i’ll make one up and testify that even the blood samples I DID NOT TEST do not contain edta, i’m sure of it. disgusting.

          • Sara says:

            I don’t believe he got a fair trial, and I’m 99% certain that he was framed, but having the FBI involved does not constitute a federal crime. The FBI routinely steps in where there’s possible conflict of interest or a municipality is unable to afford or perform testing needed for a case. The president can only pardon federal/military prisoners or in DC Superior Court. Avery isn’t a federal prisoner, he’s a state of Wisconsin prisoner.

          • Terrene says:

            Agreed. That made me soooo mad!

      • He did not get a fair trial. Too many discrepancies and reasonable doubt. What happened to all the phone calls, the friend that somehow “guessed ” her password, The person she was living with, the coercion of the nephew with the defense that was supposed to be working in his best interest in cahoots with the prosecutor. There was no proof of any DNA at the supposed scene. Police had access to a crime scene for 8 days and nothing was found till Manitowoc County cop showed up and shouldn’t have actually been there. Does not give me faith in the justice system.

        • Ivy says:

          I think you are right!! I think he was totally framed and I think that Theresa’s boyfriend killed her or was in on it!! If you look when he was on trial he was nervous and didn’t respond right when he was asked how he had been the one to break into her cell phone account. He is probably a crazy jealous boyfriend!!! The police didn’t interview anyone else and instead of paying all that money to lawyers…why didn’t they have a private investigator find out who the real killer was?? And why would he be so stupid to leave her car in his own salvage yard?? (And it just so happens it only took 20 minutes for an old lady to find it!!!) Why would he burn the body in his own back yard….come one people. AND it’s obvious key was planted and so was the blood!!! And the contaminated bullet???? OMG the list goes on and on!! And as far as the slow nephew….those investigators should be ashamed of themselves and his first lawyer should be shot!!!!! He was only looking for the fame! The Manitowoc County probably paid him too!! As for the investigator that had him drawing the pictures of the killing should be tied to a bed himself. They did not find any blood or any evidence that she was even in the mobile home. I want to know how on earth it was not thrown out of court. I think the state needs to pay 100 million to the guy because he will never get all those years back in his life. He lost his kids, wife, and the chance to watch his kids grow up!!

        • Wow says:

          Sorry to they won’t let him out because now u have TWO county’s on the hook for a law suit

      • I agree Matt.Plus the investigation should have only been conducted by the Sheriff’s department it was assigned to.

    • Carolyn says:

      You are blind!!

    • Bill says:

      Rolfe, based on what evidence?

  3. Princess CL says:

    I think he’s guilty. I can understand the outrage over the way the police handled it but the appeals court and Supreme Court of the state upheld the conviction. There has to be more than what was shown in the documentary.

    • Nah says:

      You think the fact that appeals and the Supreme Court upheld a conviction actually means something? Do you know how unbelievably RARE it is for them to overturn a conviction in general? Happens all the time on TV. Almost never in real life. Doesn’t mean anything.

      • Tom says:

        It means the court found no reason for a retail. It does mean something and it really happens that a case is overturned because typically our justice system works correctly the first time.

        • Mark says:

          Justice system works correctly? Lmaoooo…it’s severely broken buddy

          • Makes you wonder how many people haven’t received fair trials. Actually it doesn’t make me wonder. Makes me sick. They wanted him convicted to they didn’t have to pay the lawsuit. Why did they not investigate anyone else?

        • Joey says:

          The families of the people Ethan Couch killed would like a word with you.

        • Wooster182 says:

          It didn’t work the first 18 years he was wrongly in prison.

          Come on. He was suing the legal system for $400 million dollars. Can you imagine how much he could sue them for if he were to prove his innocence this time? No way Wisconsin would ever consider letting him out.

          • It was 36M. I doubt 400M would be a amount that was feasible. He was going to settle for 400k, 25 per year for each of the 18 years he served.

            400M????? No it’s in the first 2 episodes.

        • It means, they protect their own, that’s all.

        • Sara says:

          The criminal justice system typically works correctly the first time? Seriously? You can say that with a straight face? Do you really believe defendants receive a fair trial from an impartial judge and jury? Do you believe that both sides really turn over all evidence (punitive or exculpatory)? And I guess, based on your statement, that jury consultants and celebrity lawyers are fictitious… because what reason would they have to exist if trials always came down to what one side considers the facts to be? They call it PRACTICING law for a reason. It is far from perfect, and routinely screws people on both sides of the equation.

    • LP says:

      Ya because they want to have to admit they sent the same man to jail AGAIN for a murder he didn’t commit..Please that’s enough reason for them to deny him..they dont want to look like idiots again.

    • Dls says:

      What an idiot! Your ignorance is the whole reason this doc was made and you are still too incompetent to realize it. The appeals court and state Supreme Court upheld his conviction on the rape charge too…

    • laurie says:

      don’t forget, he also exhausted his appeals for the first rape he was convicted of. he did 18 years for a crime HE DID NOT COMMIT and they would not review his case then either. how about the avery law that was written to prevent this from ever happening again? i think the doj AND the supreme court of wisconsin needs to be looked at. what WAS shown in the documentary was reasonable doubt. i don’t think any more is needed, what is needed is a new trial, period. meanwhile, there is a possibility that the real murderer is still out there as was the real rapist from the first charge.

    • Devildog 4437 says:

      Come on you think he would kill someone when he was in a civil suit against the cops. He was framed

  4. herman1959 says:

    I definitely think he was framed, but I would be very interested in hearing about the” omitted evidence” – let’s hear it.

    • Amanda says:

      Just google it and you will see what they are talking about evidence wise. I still don’t know if he’s innocent or guilty. If he did kill her, I can’t help but think that 18 years of incarceration is somewhat to blame.

  5. if you watch dean strang being interviewed many times over, you will see that there wasnt much of anything left out of the series. of course the corrupt calumet and manitowoc counties are going to try to cover their arse and tell you that much has been left out. they totally failed at their jobs, along with planting evidence, they are going to say whatever they have to say to get you to believe their false narrative!

    • Jay Bee says:

      As some one who lives in the area there has NEVER been any indication that either Manitowoc or Calumet Counties are corrupt. In fact evidence would show just the opposite. The fact that they are being impugned by people who have just watch a docu-drama is ludicrous. If you do a bit of research you will see that the “planting” of evidence was brought up at trial and discounted. Further, things like the supposed “planted” blood were also supported by the finding of sweat from Avery on the vehicle. Did the sheriff have a vial on his sweat as well. Do some research, learn the details that are missing and then make a decision.

      I notice the juror is unnamed. Until they come forward I won’t even acknowledge they exist. The only thing that we can go on at this time is what happened officially in court. BTW, I read an interview with Avery’s defense counsel (Strang) who doesn’t think Avery will get a new trial unless their is new evidence which their isn’t.

      • Did you forget that he spent 18 years in prison, partly because they wouldn’t follow the lead from another county that they had the man in custody that claimed he did the rape in Manitowoc County?

      • Wade Johnson says:

        So let me get this straight:

        You think, because Manitowoc County SAID Steven Avery’s sweat DNA was under the hood then that proves theyou didn’t plant blood “evidence?”

        Don’t you think a county willing to “plant” evidence wouldn’t also be willing to “fabricate” other evidence??

        Come ON you Simpleton!!!

        As for NO indication of corruption by Manitowoc County?!????

        Their actions in 1985 and obviously guilty Andy Colborn’s nervous testimony in the murder trial, not to mention the sleazy collaboration between investigators and Branden Dassey’s initial counsel STRONGLY BEG TO DIFFER!

        I may also assume, after reading your post, that you are an employee of Manitowoc County. Nothing else make’sure sense.

        You moron@

        • Platypus says:

          This! Dassey’s first lawyer’s working with the prosecution is corrupt and horrific. I feel bad for Avery because I don’t think he got a fair trial. I am horrified by the treatment of Dassey.

      • P says:

        I would just like to know why nobody else was even considered. Sweat? I have to wonder how long it takes for sweat to evaporate. They may have found sweat residue but how could they find sweat unless that much later?

        • Sara says:

          Not saying he’s guilty or innocent, but yes, you can find sweat residue long after the fact. I think you’re under the impression the person’s saying it was liquid sweat. It wasn’t, it was residue.

      • tammy russell says:

        You will end up eating your words.

  6. Johnn Glaser says:

    Obviously, to any intelligent person, the evidence was planted.

    • Nah says:

      Agreed. That key on the floor of his room magically appearing in full view 4 DAYS after the room was first searched? Come on. So the cops complaining about evidence not shown in the documentary is ridiculous. You mean they didn’t talk about ALL of the evidence you planted, just SOME of it?

  7. Janet woolley says:

    Watching the documentary, it is blatantly obvious that both Steven Avery and his nephews Brendan where framed for this murder from the police, I only hope that one day he will be freed and the police involved prosecuted.

  8. Lillian says:

    I was so shocked after watching all this and extremely saddened for this entire family and I would now be extremely even be afraid to drive thru Wisconsin, never have I seen such a Corrupt state

    • mary says:

      Excuse me? Where do you get corrupt STATE from? Most of us are hard working people …just like any other state. Try not making assumptions about a whole state of people, because of these idiots. That’s the type of thinking that goes on about all bad things in life(blaming the whole) & it only makes it worse.

    • Betty G says:

      If he is ever set free, I hope Lillian you take him in and let this killer murder live with you. But those of us who live within 15 miles where this rape and murder and burning of her body took place, know he is indeed guilty.

      • LP says:

        Betty G is a fabulous example of why he was convicted, because of a news conference that never gave him the presumption of innocence to begin with. Maybe he was not some great person and he is rumored to have not been, but it still matters that you get a FAIR trial..and he did not have a chance with people like you! The only thing that will ever sway your stupidity is if you are on the receiving end of such injustice- not one- but TWICE!
        Shame on you Betty Boo

      • John says:

        The real killer is still out there genius and IS living 15 miles from you apparently. I would be more concerned about that fact. I guess you got your “facts” about the case from the prosecution’s press conferences.

      • Jody says:

        BettyG I would gladly take him in, give him a hot meal, a nice compfy bed to sleep in and let him by my grandbabies because thats how sure I am that this man is innocent….nothing like taking a poor not so bright man who by the way only trouble he was ever in was theft at a young age… I guarentee you he wouldnt hurt a flea… he isnt a rapist, or a murderer….he may have been a thief at one time in his life but I bet my life that he would never hurt anyone….such a shame!!

    • P says:

      That’s the type of thinking that led the police to finger Avery in the first place. He was an Avery and nobody liked the Averys. Based on that thinking he must have done it.

  9. HamSammich says:

    This is the only news article I found on this subject that wasn’t biased. It blows my mind that The Washington Post and New York times have wrote many articles criticizing anyone who thinks he’s innocent. I’m not an “Armchair Detective” because I research stuff on my own.

    Nice article Mr. Mitovich!

  10. REMD says:

    I’m not sure if he did it or not but I just find it incredibly hard to believe that not a single shred of Teresa’s DNA was in his house or in his room where this alleged really bloody murder occurred… And if he did clean it up, why clean his house so throughly but then leave the bones out visibly in his backyard AND leave her car in the FRONT of his savage yard with his blood in it. It just doesn’t make sense to me that he would clean his house so well that Dexter would be jealous, but then not clean/move the car or bury the bones…

    • Janet woolley says:

      Agree, the fact that the forensic team did not visit, secure and investigate the scene where the bones where found, but received them at the lab in a box, is deeply suspicious to me, . Had I been on the jury I would have discounted this evidence on that fact alone. If the police had nothing to hide why would they go against normal protocol so many times.

  11. OPTIMUS_PRIME says:

    Regardless if Steve is guilty or not, those scumbag “law enforcement” officers and officials suffer from severe napoleon complex and should be punished for taking years of someone life. There are only two possibilities to this in my opinion; they either killed her and framed him, or he killed her and they made it stick by planting evidence. The latter is highly unlikely. The details of the case as well as the clean-up efforts would have been way too complex for Steve or Steve and any of his family members combine ( two people still result in a lower than 140 IQ). I just don’t see it being possible for such a violent crime to be committed and there be 0 bodily fluids anywhere, it could be possible with and extensive clean up and replacing all fabrics but that wasn’t that case. Even if that were the case I doubt someone would be so methodical with the body yet leave the key and car hanging around.

    • Mike B. says:

      yep, that’s what I’m thinking. Especially the clean up. I’m still not sure, if he did or didn’t do it. I’m sure it didn’t happen the way it was depicted by the prosecution (and his nephew’s “confession”), and honestly I have my doubts that he did it at all. But still, it’s far more realistic to me, that they found out that he was possibly the last person to have seen Theresa and boom. to them he was guilty, based on that fact. the planting of the evidence wouldn’t have been a problem. drive in there without the lights on and you’re good to go.
      Still, based on Steven’s intelligence and Kratz’s statement of the evidence, that wasn’t mentioned in MaM (I know, I know. He’s a dirtbag and probably not telling the (whole) truth) I still can’t rule out his involvement with certainty. Because one thing is for sure, the documentary was one-sided.
      But should there be a reopening of the case? Hell yeah.

    • LP says:

      Well why hasnt anyone even considered that maybe law officials simply paid her to “go away” and never come back. She could have willingly given her DNA and been paid off to disappear so this could stop a huge settlement against the county. Certainly cheaper than the millions they would have paid him and the embarrassment that would have ensued.

  12. Lillian says:

    Law enforcement only looked in one direction so they with out a doubt set this guy up . No evidence shows Stephen did it , Jodi even talked to him on the phone that day, and Keys only had His DNA on them, but this women used this key so where was her DNA , gone cleaned off I think And a cop calls in her plate but wasn’t looking at it? I think they found her body some one else killed her and they used all to set Stephen up. All over the suit he filed

  13. Yoko says:

    Shows the sad state of our jury system and the judges. I have my doubts after watching the documentary and reading other sources and doubt is all that’s needed to acquit. I too felt really bad for Steve’s parents throughout the show. There is something rotten in Wisconsin! Hope this spurs on more investigation into who other than Steve could have done this (which I believe the Judge did not let defense lawyers pursue at trial)…could easily have been other Avery family members who killed her (while out deer hunting, right)….I’m just saying

  14. Jonnythec says:

    If he thought he was innocent then why did he vote guilty…man Americans are stupid.

  15. Rachel says:

    I would like to know why he/she feared for their safety. Were they approached by someone? Threatened? Or they just assumed, like some of us, that the law enforcement there is corrupt and they would end up dead and Steven Avery would be guilty of it somehow from his jail cell….?

  16. Annie says:

    I’m so not even a LITTLE surprised by this, and I also don’t doubt for a second that juror was honestly afraid for his/her life. Moreover that’s a rational fear, judging from what we all saw in the series. I don’t know whether or not such violence would have been inflicted, of course, but it’s NOT an unreasonable conclusion to reach based on the sheer depth and breadth of WTFery Manitowoc authorities and associated players (that attorney and investigator, primarily) engaged in.

  17. HBW says:

    Just finish watching the series …. I kept wondering …”is this actually real”… Granted the family is rather undesirable but that gives no reason for what was depicted as such injustice … And very scary …. But do I ever believe in bad cops who have massive egos and can not accept being wrong and it can’t be more true that the police department protects their own … If anyone denys that either must be within that protected group or lives under a rock….. I find it sad that those sworn to protect and serve has so many egotistical jerks within it. I really feel sorry for the many cops who are honorable and do put their lives on the line to truly SERVE and PROTECT, they, now are true heros. Is are justice system flawed – I do believe so and I believe the film, as it was depicted, reflected that. The county… even the state I believe had a conflict of interest ( w/ the large amount that was being sought). If I was in Theresa’s family I would want the truth not just a conviction …. Why was the prosecutors and/ or Theresa’s family not interested in the deleted message(s)… Why block searching the truth … If you really want to but the right person behind bars than supply answers versus blocking evidence … The fbi answer about the six swabs of blood was so wrong … Again the cocky arrogance is so upsetting . I was wondering who oversaw the retrieval of those samples.. It also bothered me that it is so wrong to question the ethic of police officers and with a very compelling motivate to be less than objective on the case… … Maybe I watched a different show then those that wrote rhis was a fair trial… I may never return to Wisconsin again if that’s the legal system … Brendon seem more than just ” not smart” but ” retarded”… Meaning no offense here but I got a headache with his answers … Makes no sense like 90% of the time … Poor Kid … Even if guilty, he should be in some special needs group or somethings ( all I could think of was “mice and men”).

    • P says:

      Wasn’t there a recent accusation of an entire police force in Florida laundering drug money? Not to get off topic, but police work as a unit.

  18. John Erickson says:

    I think he is guilty but he did not receive a fair trial nor did the state, in my opinion, present a case that proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty.

  19. Danthony says:

    Not to get to far off topic but this has been happening to Minorities from day one,I hope he gets Justice.

  20. OJ says:

    The American Criminal Justice system is corrupt.

  21. From what I have viewed I do believe James Lenk, Colburn and Pagel mainly but others may be involved, created a huge frame of Avery. I believe they had been planning, out of revenge to get Avery, at any cost and Halbach was the the expendable victim. What movie ever did Avery have? Where was any blood spatter? Dassey is innocent and Fassbender should be hung.

  22. Bill says:

    He’s innocent. There was so much bias in that case that it’s obvious to tell that the police and legal system were framing him and Brendan. I mean come on, he sued them for millions and then the county police were not even supposed to be on his property… all of a sudden a key magically appears? The whole time I kept screaming, where is
    her blood?! No blood on the mattress, the walls, the garage… He could have easily broken her car into pieces with his auto salvage equipment but didn’t and just left it in his yard for police to conveniently find days later? Oh come on. And the way they interrogated the 16 year old was NOT okay!

    • There's always more to a story says:

      No he’s not.

    • mary says:

      He’s innocent until proven guilty you mean, right? Planting evidence was wrong, but that doesn’t automatically mean he did not do it. Because there was no evidence from anyone, yet someone did murder her.

  23. Bryan Mason says:

    If this teaches you anything, it should be you never, EVER talk to the police. They are not looking out to protect you, that’s not their job.

  24. Steve swanson says:

    Good I would guess there are more that should come forward and speak the truth.. At the very least they both deserve a retrial .

  25. The fact that no one checked out the boyfriend, who just happened to guess the victims password or whomever was making the threatening calls, is suspicious to me. They were definitely honed in on only 1 person for this murder. Guilty or not, Steve nor his nephew got a fair trial, period.

  26. There's always more to a story says:

    Head on over to reddit, Someone there posted the transcripts of Brendan’s conversations with the detectives. It takes awhile to read through it all, and the parts where he describes her abuse and murder are pretty rough reading. I think any rationale person will conclude that both these two men are obviously guilty as hell. Reading the entire transaction rather than the selective bits that the documentary shows, really puts it into perspective. Yes Brendan is slow, and it took awhile for him to get it all out, but he offers quite a bit on his own without any prodding or trickery. If you only watch the documentary, your only conclusion (by design of course) is that they were innocent dupes railroaded by a corrupt system. Read the transcripts and I think you’ll change your mind about their innocence. I know I did.

    • Even admitting that his confession wasn’t coerced how can you explain that the police wasn’t able to find a shred of evidence to support it?
      Per Brandon confession Teresa was shackled to the bed when he slit her throat, but police didn’t find any blood on the mattress or on the carpet/walls how is it possible?
      Furthermore video recorded confession were introduced to avoid the problems with written statements where you can’t actually perceive how the suspect is behaving.

      • mary says:

        There was no evidence, true. But someone still killed her.

        • Bill says:

          Mary says; “There was no evidence, true. But someone still killed her.” By your other comments you said Avery was guilty, so which is it.

          Someone killed her indeed! Who is the question? What present as evidence was a joke and should have never been allowedt. Base on that, Steve should be a free man walking.

          • mary says:

            No, no, no, I, never said he was guilty. I too think he should be freed. I am talking about those who think he is innocent, simply because of planted evidence. That is all. There are unsolved cases, where there is no evidence. Doesn’t mean the suspects in the case are innocent(and again I say innocent until PROVEN guilty). In any of those cases police could have planted evidence(as in this case), but they were honest & did not. And like any of those cases & this one someone is the guilty party.

          • Bill says:

            Ok Mary, I must have confused you with another Mary. Actually, Avery is innocent because the planted evidence. One, it’s not evidence and two its a gross misbehavior, evidence manipulation and evidence tampering from previous case by LE.

        • Bill says:

          Mary says; “There was no evidence, true. But someone still killed her.” By your other comments you said Avery was guilty, so which is it.

          Someone killed her indeed! Who is the question? What present as evidence was a joke and should have never been allowed. Base on that, Steve should be a free man walking.

    • noname says:

      Are you the brother of Teresa? No one in their right mind would convict these fellows.
      The cops, DA, Judge, some of the Jurors, most of the witness’s were full of BS.
      And I certainly believe that Steven and Brendan would get more than a million people to sign a petition to release them.

    • noname says:

      Are you the brother of Teresa? No one in their right mind would convict these fellows.
      The cops, DA, Judge, some of the Jurors, most of the witness’s were full of BS.
      And I certainly believe that Steven and Brendan would get more than a million people to sign a petition to release them.


  27. JT says:

    I can’t believe how idiotic the Halbach family is. Especially her son that does the press interviews. They are too grief stricken to see that Steve Avery and Brendan Dassey were framed and clearly innocent, so they are willing to accept that the real killer or killers are still at large and unpunished. How shameful.

  28. John says:

    Manitowoc County has some serious problems. I’m glad this Netflix documentary was made so the rest of the country can see how backwoods and corrupt some courts can be. I think the Avery family came off as more classy and respectable than any other citizens in Manitowoc. They are definitely more honest.

    • HL says:

      Talk about a town that had it out for the Averys and their family!

    • P says:

      The police just had a corrupt look about them didn’t they, especially those involved in the deposition and cover up of the first wrongful conviction. Are all cops so arrogant? Are all prosecutors so arrogant? I pray I never get charged with anything.

  29. P says:

    I think it was either the jealous boyfriend or the live in boy “friend”. Both would know she was scheduled to see Avery that day and both would know Avery’s history. The annoying phone calls were probably the jealous boyfriend who conveniently was able to enter her voicemail to delete whatever could have made him a suspect. It was either that, or it had to have been an Avery. However, that doesn’t mean it had to be Steven Avery or Braden Avery. It could have been any Avery. Perhaps his brother. Perhaps the other nephew who was watching out the window at the time. Maybe Steven was simply covering for someone else. Either way I see reasonable doubt.

    • P says:

      That didn’t come out as I intended it to come out. I was simply trying to say that it could have been just about anybody but they didn’t look anywhere else (according to the documentary) which of course means there was at least some reasonable doubt. Didn’t 7 of the jurors initially think he was innocent?

  30. Bigstik says:

    The fact that so many people believe these two are innocent based on a selectively edited, manipulative, biased ‘documentary’ shows just how stupid Americans are. I weep for the future of this country.

    • Bruce says:

      I can’t speak for everybody but I realized it was biased pretty quickly. However, it was entertaining so I kept watching. By episode 6 I was sure he was innocent, but then at episode 9 I was pretty sure he was guilty. I don’t see the harm in having the evidence looked at again through unbiased eyes. The finding of no blood anywhere is stuck in my head even though I know the documentary was biased. I really hope the documentary was so biased that there was a ton of blood evidence that the producers decided to leave out.

    • TheBoss says:

      I think your stupid. These guys are innocent. To think they are guilty with all the evidence that was provided. Just like that black kid, youngest kid to ever end up in prison…. got the death penalty… comes to find out he was innocent… smh these guys need a FAIR RETRIAL!

      • mary says:

        If you think they are innocent why bother with a trial at all. But realize someone did murder her, planted evidence or not.

    • jim says:

      I weep for Teresa

  31. Bruce says:

    Ok how about this theory. He did it for the publicity and the money… and he felt invincible. If he could get 36 million from a civil suit, in his mind mind you, perhaps he could get a bit more for another accusation. They’d never charge him again after all because he was owed that much. Or, consider this, perhaps he was trying to frame the police as revenge for the wrongful conviction?

  32. tammy russell says:

    I cannot believe this man is still behind bars. The jurors that found him guilty, how can you live with yourself..steven avery should be set free.

  33. It makes no rational sense that he would be guilty. 1) He’s about to receive $400,000; why ruin that? 2) He JUST left that hell hole of a prison, and you think he would want to go back? 3) The officers that wrongfully convicted him were left hanging by the insurance companies. It was cheaper to frame him and not face the music. Worst part is that they would risk an actual murderer to be free, unless they new who the real perpetrator was all along.

  34. Thomas Ferrenburg says:

    WOW!!! I can think of thirty six million reasons why the state would frame Avery for murder. I believe some very powerful people had that woman murdered. They knew if Avery was in jail on murder chargers, he would settle for a lesser sum. Where were the experts on forensics for the Defense? With no blood and only a few bones, I would say the murder took place somewhere else and the bones were placed in the fire pit. Every single piece of evidence the State used was tampered with. With just that, these guys deserve a new trial and not in Wisconsin. Wrong Turn hit Wisconsin and their wearing suits.

  35. laurie says:

    avery’s blood in car. they clearly show a cut on stevens hand. unless the picture was flipped, the cut is on his left hand. okay, why would he put her body in her car is a good question, but why would he use his left hand to put the key in the ignition even if he did put the body in the car. phone records, voice mails deleted? bias of the documentary? they showed us the “reasonable doubt” portions of the trial, of course they did, the point is there was so much reasonable doubt that had to be exposed. i have heard about evidence that was not presented in the doc but nothing to see. this doc is not so much about this case as it is about how easily you can be railroaded into a conviction. regardless of whether he did this crime or not, there has been no justice. steve avery is not the only person that this has happened to either.

    • jim says:

      Valid point…It too appeared that the cut was on the left hand leaving me to question why he would reach across the steering column to insert the key. However, I wrote it off as any defense attorney would have jumped all over that

  36. Sam fischer says:

    There hasn’t been justice for a real hard working American for long time super sad story if only it would inspire all of us as citizen to stand up and take our the court system and country back like it says we should do when our leaders are out of control and drunk on power

  37. Carolyn says:

    Wow! The stupidity of that pathetic judge! I can see that he is nothing but a lemming! I am completely disgusted by what happened to Steve Avery. Her blood wasn’t found anywhere on or in any part of his property or home. I wish I was on that jury. I would love to see anyone of those ass bags just try to threaten me. That would be hilarious! ! I dont scare easily. And that joke of a DA. My husband and I were so happy that he was caught the way he was!! That girl was so smart to give the information to a reporter and not the pigs!! GOOD GIRL!!

  38. Carolyn says:

    I do not see how anyone agrees that this man is guilty. It took them way too long to search his property. The people in town were told that those cops were not going to be involved, but that was clearly a lie. They only found the so called evidence only when that 1 idiot cop was there in the bedroom and I believe the garage. Not 1 thing about this case makes any sense at all other than he was definitely framed. They willingly destroyed that poor kids life. They knew what they were doing and why they were doing it and they didn’t care. That whole police department makes me sick. They found his blood in her car but not his finger prints. Whatever! Then we discovered that part of the jury was connected to the department! Are you kidding me? How the hell did that happen? I truly hope that both of them get a fair trial! I want to be there!

    • JT says:

      The only people that think he is guilty are from Manitowoc county. Everyone else can clearly see he is innocent. That crooked prosecutor even had to resign recently after sending sexual emails to young girls he was in court trying to convict. Plus he had a prescription pill addiction to top it off. Only people in Manitowoc county, who for whatever reason hate the Avery family want him to be guilty.

    • mary says:

      Not saying he is guilty, but someone murdered her. They just didn’t have evidence as to whom. It still could have been Avery. They just would never have proven it with what they had.

  39. Emanuel chaves says:

    There is a lot of pieces of this puzzle that wasn’t explained. I think that he started a fight that unfortunately he couldn’t win. I hope somebody shows up and tell the truth. I belive he is not guilty.

  40. justice4all says:

    No matter Steven’s Guilt or not, or even the evidence(which was tainted by The Sheriff’s office being in the investigation), the travesty of the justice is in the coerced statements of Brendan Dassey, who is clearly not competent enough to understand what was happening to him. None
    of the appeals which had valid legal reasons for either dismissal or retrial, were granted. All of which tells me of the SYSTEMIC CORRUPTION, of Wisconsin’s Legal System. I am glad i do not live there. I am a law abiding citizen, and I would hope that whether I or anyone else, if accused of a crime, would have access to a better System, than what is there in that pitiful state. No matter the evidence, you should at least have attorney’s loyal to you, and due process, should not be hindered by people, who have everything to lose or gain, by one’s conviction. The Sheriff’s office should never have been in the crime scene, investigating.. The same judge who sentenced him, should not be allowed to decide, on his ability to appeal, The lawyers shouldn’t be cooperating with the state, to set up and damage their own clients defense, unless the client wants a plea deal. I do not know if these two are guilty of the crime, and my heart goes out to the Halbert Family, but even they, would admit, that this is not how the system is supposed to work, if they weren’t emotionally tied to a conviction.

  41. Jeanna says:

    Everyone keeps forgetting the motive for framing him. Was it pure coincidence that he was suing them all for up to 36 million that they were personally responsible for? Was it also coincidence that his immediate payout from a different lawsuit was 450 thousand and his bail was set at 500? The highest in record in that county ever? He got 400 thousand, then his nephew coincidentally ” confessed” and new charges make his bail over a million. If that kind of money isn’t a motive, I don’t know what is. I also think it was the brother in law and Bobby dassey. They were there when the victim was and saw her, same time as Steven. Their timelines negate each other and they had access to the property and everything else. They may have even been put up to it by the system that framed Steve. What I do know is that this was not a fair trial by any means. Neither men convicted were even allowed to be interviewed with lawyers present until days and weeks after being taken to the station. Just ridiculous and at the very least, new trials should be given and the federal government needs to investigate the entire state of wisconsin, especially Manitowoc county.

  42. Donatella says:

    Remember there are $36,000,000.00 reasons why Manitowoc County wanted Steve Avery shamed and locked up permanently. The law suit for the rape case alleged malfeasants on behalf of law enforcement and prosecution and the County’s insurance policy was NOT going to cover those individuals in a civil suit. Furthermore, the guilty parties had egg on their face and their macho pride and careers were in the toilet. People have done worse things for lesser reasons. They needed to both stop and discredit Steven Avery. Establishing Brendan Dassey as the weak link in the family chain was a genius move. That poor kid has an IQ considered “low” in the range of retardation. The way his rights were abused is unconscionable. He was manipulated and used as a human bargaining chip in the most diabolical ways. I am appalled that Teresa Halbach was murdered and although 2 men sit in prison, justice for her goes unserved. Its outrageous that an innocent young woman’s gruesome murder was used as a vehicle to further the personal agenda of some twisted officials.

    • tracey says:

      does any think its strange ex boyfriend not involed

    • jim says:

      Well said! I pray that if enough come forward that the state or feds will have no recourse but at the very least open the investigation and find the truth without bias. Any conspiracies they need to put to rest and any wrong doings they need to hold accountable and prosecute to the fullest. At the very least they need to win back the public trust. More importantly, however we need to make sure real justice was found for Teresa and her family.

  43. MChav says:

    sorry, but im disgusted that people could still think this guy guilty. it was pretty damn obvious, having known nothing about the case when i started watching, that this case was a purely vindictive fueled miscarriage of justice. the officer, obviously caught in a lie on the stand about reading the license plate and description of the car days before the car was magically found on the property. i think there was a string of corrupt people working to convict this innocent man… even down the lady who was magically “guided by the lord” directly to finding the car. scary that this is supposed to be justice.

    • P says:

      I think the officer got a tip and was on the property illegally when he read off that license plate number. In his mind he was following the tip and probably couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Who tipped him? A nephew? A cousin? That female cousin had it out for him for sure.

      • P says:

        ..and then the officer tipped the search party. he probably even explained the predicament he was in for an illegal search of the property just days earlier. if he didn’t tip that search party then he at least pointed them in the right direction but that didn’t mean the party knew anything.

  44. Cynthia says:

    There was not any evidence to prove he murdered that .
    But there was a lot of evidence that he was framed !
    I am from Philadelphia and everyone I know is very very upset about this poor guy. Please give him another Trial far away from Wisconsin !

  45. Georgegarcia says:

    What about the bus driver that drops the kids off between 3:30 and 3:40 almost everyday and saw Teresa when she dropped the kids off?

  46. Alissa says:

    And how did that little hole get in the green vile of blood that was collected years before? someone obviously tampered with it. so many things were over looked.

    • tracey says:

      i would sell up my home the police so corrupt move please anyone who lives there run rotten police force

    • tracey says:

      the brother needs to be looked at or is it me he has never left the court room and her voice mail deleted come on and look at police pics the headboard full of dust if she was tied to bed as they say dust would of been wipe off with a struggle

    • tracey says:

      i hope jurors can sleep payed off i bet why would they find him guilty moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  47. Greg says:

    The county, state, and the entire criminal justice system, including private interests, that run prisons, had a stake in, you might even say 36 million stakes in assuring, that there was no questioning of a criminal justice system, that’s stocking the prisons. It’s big business.

  48. It completely baffles me how people can believe that Steven Avery was both framed and guilty at the same time. If he was guilty, then there was no need to frame him or tamper with the evidence! The whole point of framing someone is to make them look guilty. So, honestly, how can you believe they framed him if he was already guilty? That just makes absolutely no sense.

  49. Daniela says:

    What really caught my attention was When one of manitowoc’s deputies (the one who apparently drew Avery when he was charged with the rape) said during his deposition something like “it’s easy to plant DNA” Why would he say and admit that under oath. I say he said it because they were all planning on doing it and I think it was his way of saying “just watch and see” he was very cocky about that statement too. They framed and have grossly ruined two lives. I’ll be surprised if anything will ever be done. In my opinion Avery and Dassey are the sacrificial lambs and no government entity will ever do anything about it because if it comes out and it’s proven that this county is a big conspiracy you can imagine how many other convicts in that county will then have grounds to an appeal.

    • noname says:

      I felt the majority of Teresa’s side (family, attorneys, witness’s etc.) were very cocky including the FBI agent. Especially Teresa’s brother that spoke on behalf of the family. Was it only me that noticed there to be almost no emotions for one of your immediate very beloved family members being murdered in this way. They were mostly happy and smiling???? I have children, brothers and sisters and I assure you this would make me pretty upset. As a matter of fact I don’t know any of these people and I cried for them.

    • jim says:

      I said the same thing to my wife. Why would you say that unless that exact thought hadn’t entered you mind prior?