Making a Murderer Update: Steve Avery Was Framed, a Juror Tells Producers

Making a Murderer Avery Framed

A juror who served on the 2005 murder trial around which much of Netflix’s Making a Murderer documentary series revolves believes Steve Avery was indeed framed, successfully, by law enforcement officials.

The unnamed juror “told us that they believe Steven Avery was not proven guilty,” Making a Murderer producer Laura Ricciardi shared Tuesday on NBC’s Today. Echoing what had been the defense’s contention at the time, “[The juror] believe[s] Steven was framed by law enforcement and that he deserves a new trial — and if he receives a new trial, in their opinion it should take place far away from Wisconsin.”

Prior to his murder conviction, Avery served 18 years for the rape of a local woman, only to eventually be exonerated by a revisiting of the iffy case and a closer look at DNA evidence. Two years later, he was charged with the rape and murder of a different woman.

The juror who came forward to filmmakers Ricciardi and Moira Demos back in 2005 voted to convict Avery in the death of Teresa Halbach, for which he received a life sentence, but only because he/she “feared for their personal safety,” Ricciardi said. Should there be a retrial, said juror has volunteered to testify.

Since Making a Murderer caught the country’s attention, the prosecutor on the Manitowoc County, Wisconsin murder case, as well as the sheriff (who was prevented from participating in the narrative by a judge’s order), have argued that the docuseries omitted pieces of evidence and manipulated the narrative.

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