Were NYE Songs Too Sad? Who Dies on The X-Files? Do POTUS and Coffee Not Mix? Where's Negan? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With a week of holiday TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Jessica Jones, The Walking Dead, The Librarians, The X-Files and the New Year’s Eve specials!

1 | Did you kind of love how in Jessica Jones Episode 6, Luke Cage made sure we knew the guard dogs were OK/unharmed? Also, who has been at times tempted to pull a Kilgrave and order a noisy coffee shop to be “Quiet!!!!”?

2 | In Episode 3 of Transparent, were you happy to see Ali and Syd get together, or were you yelling towards your TV at Syd for succumbing to her desires with the emotionally stunted Pfefferman? And why is Raquel dead-set on marrying Josh if she’s still unable to trust him?

3 | As you watched CBS’ colorized Andy Griffith Show episodes, were you amused by the ultra-quaint notion of the sheriff setting the jailbirds free for Christmas, with the promise that they return to custody after?

4 | The Librarians‘ Flynn-centric noah-wyle-the-librarians-season-2-finaleadventures: yea or nay? Also, were you surprised that the season finale immediately resolved the Flynn/Eve cliffhanger, or was that the producers playing it safe in case renewal hadn’t come?

5 | If it is to be remembered at all, should Agent X be lauded for its fun, “retro” casting, from Gerald McRaney to Fred Dryer to Helen Slater?

6 | Who else thought, “Hmm, it’s a really quiet Monday night on TV…. I’ll see if I can jump in and follow these final Legends episodes” — only to near-instantly realize you simply couldn’t?

7 | Who do we think Scully is mourningx-files-scully-mourning in that super-sized X-Files promo — son William or mom Margaret?

8 | Does Telenovela expect us to believe that the show-within-the-show would construct a well that actually extended so far below the stage floor that the ladies couldn’t get out?

9 | While politicians obviously aren’t above making, say, the occasional late-night talk show appearance, did President Obama cross a fine line by guesting on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee web series? Do we really want the leader of the free world essentially labeled a comedian? (At least his recent Running Wild appearance had the innate context of ecological consciousness.)

10 | Would it have killed The Walking Dead to give us at least a glimpse of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the much-ballyhooed Negan in its midseason premiere trailer?

11 | Is a bawdy Hollywood Game Night — such as the one hosted on New Year’s Eve by Andy Cohen — a better Hollywood Game Night? Whitney Cummings opening wide for her popcorn blast (followed by Bob Saget’s commentary) and Sasheer Zamata’s riff on FLOTUS’ “South Lawn” sure pushed the live telecast’s envelope.

New Year's Eve Lovato12 | Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve headliner Demi Lovato’s boyfriend, Wilmer Valderamma, was there in Times Square, so why didn’t he join her on stage at midnight? Don’t the producers realize it looks a bit sad to have its special guests ring in the new year stag? Or perhaps Demi declined such an idea out of “solidarity” with Carrie Underwood, whose husband was busy playing hockey in Dallas?

13 | Was Fergie purposely channeling Maya Rudolph’s Beyonce impression while co-hosting Rockin’ New Year’s Eve?

14 | Did we miss a Once Upon a Time jenny-mccarthy-nyebonus scene where Jenny McCarthy became a Dark One…? And was one of her first acts of treachery stealing Scarlett O’Connor’s hair extensions?

15 | Gwen Stefani’s “Used to Love You” and Carrie Under- wood’s “Before He Cheats” are great songs, but aren’t they kinda bummers for New Year’s Eve countdown shows?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jared Munson says:

    That’s how Fergie has hosted every year.

    • Andrew Houde says:

      I feel like as each year passes, Fergie becomes more about how she poses for camera every 20 seconds than actually saying anything of value. Last night was it for me, I can’t handle watching her fakeness for hours on end anymore.

      • sntindall says:

        Every time she came on screen we screamed “Why are you doing that?!”, Granted watching her and Jenny McCarthy was way better than the horrific mess that was NBC.

  2. Spence says:

    We couldn’t get a preview of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in the trailer since I’m sure he’ll only appear in the last five minutes of the season finale. Negan won’t factor in severely until next season and onwards.

    • morningsong2011 says:

      Exactly! And the longer they draw that intro out the better in my opinion. Almost stopped reading the comic after his first appearance.

  3. Mark says:

    Flynn needs to go on the Libriarians his episodes are well below par compared to the group episodes.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I totally agree! I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I liked him in the movies just fine, but he completely draws attention away from the group, which is the best part of the show. Plus, he’s over the top and obnoxious. Send him on another season-long mission and let us get back to the others.

  4. Marco says:

    7. I think it’s going to be her mother.
    8. Everybody’s pretty wacky on that set, so I wouldn’t actually exclude it…

  5. Gwen says:

    #4: One of the pleasures (for me, at least) of watching “The Librarians” is seeing Noah Wyle have so much fun with the Flynn character! After becoming a fan of his during his “ER” years, where he was always so serious, this fun-loving, quirky character is really wonderful. While I don’t think Flynn always has to be the center of every episode, it’s always nice to see him.

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  7. maregolden says:

    Isn’t it time to take Dick Clarks’ name off the title of the show? He has been dead for quite some time now and it actually kind of creeps me out.

  8. MariaD says:

    #7 Could it be she is mourning the end of her marriage in a moment of reflection with the man who fathered her son?

  9. N says:

    I loved watching the Prez and Jerry!

  10. 1. Those were two moments that really defined the characters well, something the show did exceptionally well throughout its 13 episodes!
    7. There is a reveal in the first episode that doesn’t have to do with a death and might be the cause of her crying in Mulder’s arms!

  11. Ray says:

    4-Flynn-centric on The Librarians is cool once or twice but I do prefer the 3 new librarians and their guardian as the focal points of the show.
    5-Agent X was entertaining, particularly when John Case shared action scenes with his Russian nemesis/possible bed buddy Olga. The stories moved right along but repeated insistence of the writers to show John’s softer side by having him gush over his dog or dogs in general to make him look human or whatever got old. He likes dogs. I get it. Move on now. There was a whole conspiracy story unfolding that needed to be told.
    6-Legends was intriguing in the first season but the second season, though full of potential, jumped around a lot and felt like it was trying too hard to be twisty and mysterious. I would’ve watched a third season but well, that just ain’t happening so on the next thing, y’all.

  12. antisocialbutterflie says:

    #4 – I like Noah-centric episodes but only sparingly. I think I would have preferred a more balanced cast contribution for the finale.

    With respect to the cliffhanger resolution, Jon Rogers is producing the show. He has stated repeatedly that he is vehemently anti-cliffhanger and prefers seasons to be self-contained units. I doubt that the threat of cancellation had anything to do with the way the ending was written.

    • mooshki says:

      Bless him! I am so sick of the ubiquitous of cliffhangers these days. It doesn’t make me want to watch the next season of a show even more, it makes me not want to bother with any season finales.

  13. Alexia says:

    11. It was a mess. The clues kept popping up on screen when they were giving answers to the third clue out and the guests kept shouting over each other that I was surprised how Andy was able to tell who got the right answer first. They should have pre-taped it and have it edited better instead of having it live. Even live shows seem to be better at their game but this was just a loud mess that I tuned out as it had killed my excitement for seeing the show.

  14. LV Sunny says:

    Isn’t that David Tennant in the tagline photo? He wasn’t mentioned in (or acting in) anything in this posting. Just wonderin’…

  15. kmw says:

    #7. It is most likely her mother. Even I don’t believe they would kill William.

  16. VJ says:

    4.) Yay, but only in small doses. I like it as it is now, with him not being in all of the episodes. It works for the show and they should keep it this way for s3.

  17. Hedy S. says:

    9. He’s a clown, and just proved it to the world. Our country is falling apart, terrorists are eyeing us up 24/7, yet he has time to do a sucky comedy show.
    14. She’s so skanky, her hair musta all fell out from her skank disease, and they had to replace it right quick.

  18. bj says:

    The Librarians‘ Flynn-centric noah-wyle-the-librarians-season-2-finale

    adventures: Yea!

    5. I loved Agent x, including the retro casting.

  19. Bwhit says:

    12) I guess I want to piggyback onto this one with my own question. Does anyone else feel those onstage interviews before and after the ball drops are awkward? Between Ryan Seacrest pulling the mic away two seconds after he asks a question, leaving a guest awkwardly answering into nothing and Kathy Griffin constantly kissing an obviously uncomfortable Gus Kenworthy while an equally uncomfortable Anderson Cooper watches during a segment on the CNN New Year’s countdown….. I don’t know, it made me cringe a bit and I’m not usually someone who does.

  20. prish says:

    5. And let us not forget the Academy award nominated Sharon Stone with Gerald McRaney, et.al. Agent X was a charming retro jewel, and it was fun to watch. They should have given it another half year to wind things up. We should start demanding fan rights! At least give us a series, or even one novel to wind things up, suits. 6. Another heartbreak of fans left hanging…fan rights…give us the kicking windup that was promised in Martin’s eyes.

  21. Jen says:

    Well scullys mother dies. I called that months ago. She is brutally killed by band aid man In episode 2. They said most scary x files episode ever.

  22. mooshki says:

    I prefer the Flynn-centric episodes. Noah Wyle brings so much energy to the show. The episodes without him seem more formulaic to me. The only downside is that the Flynn episodes usually also have more Rebecca Romijn, and her bad acting drags down every scene she’s in.

  23. Sarah O says:

    5 | Agent X will be missed, unfortunately doomed from the start from rumors, but it was a fun retro-classic with excellent casting. Would love it if another outlet picked it up, but that’s unlikely.

  24. Whatevah says:

    #9 whatever. I liked it.

  25. cej says:

    6. I’ve got the season of Legends still unwatched on my DVR. Has anyone watched this season? Keep or delete?
    9. Ridiculous. POTUS please. Just because entertainers have become politicians, doesn’t mean a current President should do the opposite. Enough already.

    • prish says:

      I deleted them when I found out the series was cancelled, then I kept remembering the little I saw and thought what the heck. I restored them and watch a few minutes at a time, savoring the scenes. The craftsmanship is excellent. Fan Rights! Give us a wind up, suits!

  26. Sheila says:

    15. YES!!! They should be mandated to sing more upbeat songs from their repertoire if they perform on NYE. I especially hated that Alesia Cara song.

  27. Sheldon W. says:

    1. There wasn’t much I didn’t love about Jessica Jones. And yes. Yes I have.
    4. Never crossed my mind. I like shows that don’t feel the need to have a cliffhanger at the end of every season – especially since so many shows that do that wind up leaving their fans ticked off with the lack of resolution. (Plus, I never doubted for a second that The Librarians would be back…)
    5. I loved Agent X – for all the wrong reasons, but I love it. There’s a kind Zen quality to its unabashed awfulness. The retro casting didn’t hurt, either.
    9. Well, if a significant percentage of leaders of other countries are… crazy… then being thought of as a comedian is definitely not a bad thing. And let’s face it, the dude is funny!

  28. Luis says:

    Note to Carrie Underwood – while carving your name in his leather seats may be emotionally cathartic, it is not the best method of avoiding prosecution

  29. prish says:

    9. Our citizens need to feel comfortable with our leader rather than fearful, or more importantly, bored. With Putin’s calendar, this seems to be in line with the new norm. His grandfather having had this car when he was a kid seemed a hook that got him into the filming. That had heart.