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Top TV Reunions of 2015: Friends, FNL, Saved by the Bell, Full House and More

TV Reunions 2015

2015 may have boasted more new scripted television series than ever before, but it also proved that there’s always room for a little nostalgia.

From The Tonight Show‘s epic Saved by the Bell sketch, in which five stars of the ’90s sitcom reprised their iconic characters, to Lifetime’s unexpected Family Matters reunion (Carl and Harriette forever!), TVLine is looking back at 21 on-screen pairings that had us double-checking our calendars to make sure we didn’t accidentally travel backwards in time, Sarah Palin-style.

Browse our gallery of the year’s best small-screen reunions below — or click here for direct access — then drop a comment: Which was your favorite? And which TV casts would you like to see reunite?

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