Grimm Photos: Trubel and Meisner Face Off, Nick and Adalind Go In for a Kiss

Grimm‘s Nick really seems to have gotten over that whole “you-pretended-to-be-my-girlfriend-and-slept-with-me” thing.

Because from the look of these recently released photos from upcoming episodes, the Grimm and the former Hexenbiest — who, you’ll recall, impersonated Juliette and wound up pregnant — are about to get very cozy indeed.

Many of the shots in the gallery below are from the supernatural drama’s Jan. 29 midseason premiere “The Return,” aka the immediate aftermath of Eve’s arrival. Though there are no pictures of Bitsie Tulloch as her new character, we see plenty of shots of the gang looking a little shellshocked. And while Adalind might just be checking to see if Nick’s contact has slipped, we think that the “slow burn” star David Giuntoli told us about at the beginning of the season might soon reach its peak heat.

Elsewhere in the gallery, guest star Bailey Chase shows up as Lucien Petrovich, the leader of a Wesen revolutionary group, and Meisner and Trubel appear to have a difference of opinion… that they resolve with their fists.

Click through the gallery below to see all the shots, then hit the comments: Do you want to see Nick and Adalind get together?