Affair Recap: Scotty's Killer Revealed

The Affair Season 2 Finale

Warning: The following recap contains major spoilers for The Affair‘s Season 2 finale. Read on at your own risk.

Ah, it seems like just yesterday that Helen was getting put in handcuffs for that wine-and-marijuana-induced fender bender.

In hindsight, she was really just getting warmed up for the main event — that is, mowing down Scotty Lockhart.

During Sunday’s sophomore finale of The Affair, it was revealed that Helen was indeed the one behind the wheel when Scotty was run over — but only because she wasn’t paying attention to the road when Alison pushed the Lockhart brother into it.

Before we get your thoughts on the season ender, a few highlights from the episode:

* From Noah’s perspective, Cole and Luisa’s long-teased wedding night goes down like this: After Alison gets misty-eyed during the vow exchange, Noah has a private conversation with her to figure out why she’s so rattled. She finally comes clean about sleeping with Cole years ago, confessing that she’s not exactly sure who Joanie’s father is. (Noah’s reaction, somewhat understandably? “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I never want to see you again.”)

* Noah spends the rest of the evening sharing a bottle of wine on the beach and frolicking in the ocean with Helen (who is attending the wedding as her mom’s date). Despite the fact that neither of them are in a state to drive, Noah gets behind the wheel to head home, before passing the baton to Helen when the streets of Montauk trigger too many awful memories for him to handle. But once Helen is in the driver’s seat, she gets distracted by Noah’s sudden decision to hold her hand — and when she spends a few too many seconds gazing into Noah’s eyes instead of looking at the road, she runs right over Scotty. Helen tries to convince herself she merely hit a deer, but when Noah gets out of the car to see the damage, it’s most definitely Cole’s brother… and Noah implores Helen, upon getting her home, that she must pretend like none of this ever happened.

* Naturally, that’s not exactly how it goes down from Alison’s point of view. In fact, Alison doesn’t spill the beans about Joanie’s real father until much later that night, while Scotty drunkenly performs “House of the Rising Sun” at the wedding reception. Barely speaking above a whisper, Alison bluntly tells Noah on the dance floor that he isn’t Joanie’s father, prompting her fiancee to walk out of The Lobster Roll without a word.

* Later that evening, Alison is walking along that fateful road by herself when she’s confronted by Scotty, who is even more inebriated than during his karaoke performance and begging to be brought in as a partner on Alison and Cole’s Lobster Roll ownership. Alison tries to brush him off, but when Scotty gets handsy, Alison pushes him — right into the street, where he’s immediately hit by Helen. Alison hides in the bushes until she sees Noah get out of the car, then manically whispers, “I pushed him. I pushed him.” And how do Alison and Noah decide to cope with the knowledge that they just killed a man? They return to the dance floor a little while later and exchange “I love you”s through panicked, frantic tears. Romantic, eh?

* Meanwhile, in the future at Noah’s murder trial — or is it present-day now? — Noah must decide whether to let Detective Jeffries take the stand — the only chance he has at being acquitted. But just as Jeffries prepares to enter the courtroom and say his piece, Noah chooses a different (and much more stupid) route: standing up, without his lawyer’s approval, and announcing to the judge that he is guilty of murdering Scotty. (It’s too bad we’ve already published our Dumbest TV Decisions of 2015, or else Noah’s impulsive “confession” would surely be on the list.)

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