Supergirl to Battle Bizarro-Girl 

Supergirl Bizarro

CBS’ Supergirl will battle her extremely evil “twin” before Season 1 has come to a close.

Exec producer Andrew Kreisberg mentioned in passing during a recent installment of Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast that in addition to going up against Toyman — aka Winn Schott’s incarcerated father Winslow Sr., to be played by Revenge patriarch Henry Czerny — the freshman drama will also introduce a Bizarro character.

Kreisberg did not specify which “Bizarro” he was speaking of, but the smart money is on it being Bizarro-Girl, a denizen of Htrae/Bizarro World who boasts many of the same powers as Supergirl, though sometimes in reverse (e.g. freeze vs. heat vision).

The website HeroicHollywood first picked up on Kreisberg’s hint.

Supergirl is currently on holiday hiatus, having left us with the cliffhanger of Kara about to clash with Non, and will resume Season 1 on Jan. 4.

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