CBS Winter Spoilers: Scoop on NCIS, Limitless, Supergirl, Mom and More

As the bitter cold of TV’s winter hiatus sets in, CBS is serving up piping hot teasers for 20 of its new and returning series.

Which member of Team Scorpion will be put in grave danger? What’s in store for NCIS‘ upcoming New Orleans crossover? What will Elementary‘s Watson discover about her stepfather?

Scroll through the plot synopses below for scoop on CBS’ first original episodes of 2016; new installments begin Jan. 3.

2 BROKE GIRLS (Wednesday, Jan. 6)
Max is both puzzled and curious when the new guy she is dating expresses hesitations about intimacy because he is “not regular down there.” Also, Sophie and Oleg struggle to get pregnant.

ANGEL FROM HELL (Thursday, Jan. 7)
Successful, driven doctor Allison (Maggie Lawson) runs into Amy (Jane Lynch), a larger-than-life, eccentric woman who claims to be her “guardian angel,” and whose mission is to help Allison loosen up and see her life from a new perspective.

BLUE BLOODS (Friday, Jan. 8)
Frank gets worried when his first partner announces plans to publish a book filled with stories of their early days on the force. Also, when Jamie and Eddie catch a call about a nearby officer needing assistance, the choices they each make will affect their futures in the department and in their relationship.

CODE BLACK (Wednesday, Jan. 13)
As the doctors treat the patients from the chaotic scene of the multi-vehicle accident, a love triangle begins to brew among Mario, Angus and Heather. Also, when Malaya learns that Carla is at the hospital, she goes against Carla’s wishes and stays by her side during the delivery of her baby. Shiri Appleby returns.

CRIMINAL MINDS (Wednesday, Jan. 13)
The BAU devises an elaborate plan to take down the “Dirty Dozen” hitmen ring, with Reid playing an integral role. Aubrey Plaza guest-stars as Cat Adams, Reid’s date.

CSI: CYBER (Sunday, Jan. 10)
When the Cyber team investigates what appears to be a hack into air traffic control’s communication system, a greater threat is discovered when a flight vanishes and the team has the world’s first case of cyber-hijacking on their hands. Pro football Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith guest-stars as himself.

ELEMENTARY (Thursday, Jan. 7)
An underlying issue in Watson’s relationship with her stepfather (guest star John Heard) worsens when she learns that, without her knowledge, he has written a crime novel based on her work with Holmes.

THE GOOD WIFE (Sunday, Jan. 10)
Tensions run high as the entire Florrick family is crammed into the campaign bus with Eli and Ruth on their way to the Iowa Caucuses. Once there, Peter attempts a high-risk political stunt to gain votes for his presidential bid.

HAWAII FIVE-0 (Friday, Jan. 8)
While McGarrett and Danny attend a couples retreat in Maui to work on their partnership issues, Kamekona’s dangerous past comes back to haunt him.

LIFE IN PIECES (Thursday, Jan. 7)
Heather and Tim finally find a couple they actually like socializing with, but Sophia and their son don’t hit it off. Also, Greg insists he and Jen take separate flights in case something happens to the plane, Matt and John take Gary (Martin Mull) out to meet women, and Matt’s ex-wife, Bonnie (guest star Brenda Song), makes a surprise visit. NFL Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk guest-stars.

LIMITLESS (Tuesday, Jan. 5)
When an attempt is made on Senator Edward Morra’s (guest star Bradley Cooper) life by a former member of his inner circle, Brian is tasked with sabotaging the FBI’s investigation into the attack. As the assassin threatens to end the senator’s career by exposing his connection to NZT, Brian and Morra’s fates become further endangered and intertwined.

MADAM SECRETARY (Sunday, Jan. 10)
Elizabeth tries to salvage a peace deal with Russia after an unexpected turn of events threatens to dissolve the agreement. She also gets dragged into dealing with an emergency situation aboard the International Space Station.

MIKE & MOLLY (Wednesday, Jan. 6)
Mike and Carl go to couples counseling to try and reconcile their partnership. Also, Molly decides to do a promotional radio interview on her own after Peggy decides not to participate.

MOM (Thursday, Jan. 7)
Christy hosts a family dinner for Violet’s hard-to-please future mother-in-law (guest star Linda Lavin). Also, Bonnie balks when Steve wants to take their relationship to the next level.

NCIS: LOS ANGELES (Monday, Jan. 4)
The team goes undercover at a decommissioned nuclear power plant to investigate the radiation poisoning of a Gunnery Sergeant moonlighting as a security guard.

NCIS (Tuesday, Jan. 5)
After the passengers and crew of a private plane traveling from New Orleans to Washington, D.C. are lethally poisoned, all evidence points to the missing chef Abby’s brother, Luca (guest star Tyler Ritter). Gibbs and his D.C. team work in conjunction with Pride (guest star Scott Bakula) and his New Orleans team to locate Luca and determine why a private tech company was targeted.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (Tuesday, Jan. 5)
While Special Agent Pride and the New Orleans team investigate a Russian sleeper agent who had been involved with Abby’s brother, Luca (guest star Tyler Ritter), Sebastian flies to D.C. to partner with Abby on the forensics in the case. Also, Bishop drives through the night to deliver a package and work the case with the New Orleans team.

SCORPION (Monday, Jan. 4)
In order to save a United States Special Forces unit from certain death, Team Scorpion must brave the subzero temperatures of Antarctica. While there, Happy becomes lost in a blizzard and Toby risks his life to find her.

SUPERGIRL (Monday, Jan. 4)
With Astra in captivity at the DEO, her husband, Non (guest star Chris Vance), captures Hank, leading to a tense standoff between the two sides. Also, Kara continues to refute Cat’s allegations that she is Supergirl.

UNDERCOVER BOSS (Sunday, Jan. 3)
Sam Dushey, president and CEO of Shoppers World, a family-owned and operated discount apparel and merchandise retail store, goes undercover to ensure he’s filling the shoes of his grandfather, who founded his company in the 1930s.