Finding Carter Season Finale Recap: A Fatal Encounter Changes Everything

Finding Carter Season Finale

Finding Carter‘s core crew has been known to blur the line between right and wrong, but that line has never been more ambiguous than during Tuesday’s two-hour season finale.

Let’s start with Carter, who woke up after a brief scuffle with Jared only to discover that her ex-boyfriend had been killed… and that Lori was taking full responsibility for his death! But did she really do it, or was she merely covering for Ben, who went M.I.A. after being arrested for intent to sell a controlled substance? Carter didn’t know what to think — especially after Ben assured her that guys like Jared “always get what’s coming to them” in the end — and for most of the season’s final installment, neither did the audience.

In hindsight, I wish we could all travel back to that brief period of ignorance, because the truth — that Max killed Jared, and Lori covered for him — was a lot more than I was prepared to handle. It also turned out to be too much for Max to handle, as the season ended with Carter’s lion-maned bestie confessing to (accidental) murder at the police station, despite the urgings of Taylor and Lori. (Side note: Did you ever think you’d see those two sharing a friendly scene?!)

Elsewhere during the hectic two-hour finale…

* Crash returned to help Carter with her Jared drama, and he ended up dropping the L-bomb… on someone else. “I love her, Max,” Crash confessed. “I don’t know if I can be her friend.” (I know Jared’s body is still warm, but #CarCrash really needs to get back on the road.)

* With Gabe and Taylor by her side for support, Bird went ahead with the abortion.

* In the wake of Lori’s arrest, she lost custody of Ben, who was then awarded to the Wilsons. Of course, following Ben’s bloody encounter with that no-good Rick, there might not be much of him left for the Wilsons to bring home.

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