Being Mary Jane Recap: Racial Conflicts Hit Home in Devastating Season Finale

Being Mary Jane Season Finale

Being Mary Jane has spent all season shattering viewers’ expectations, and the BET drama saved its most jaw-dropping twist for the closing moments of Tuesday’s game-changing finale.

lot went down in the final hour of Season 3 — and I’ll get to all of it, I promise — but I wouldn’t be doing this jaw-dropping episode justice if I didn’t begin by discussing that last scene: Niecy’s questionable stop and disturbing assault by a white police officer.

I don’t even mind that it came out of nowhere; this show has always thrived on surprising its audience with powerful, relevant and, unfortunately, all-too-real stories. And Niecy’s brutal ordeal was the kind of scene you feel compelled to watch multiple times, knowing full well that it’s going to be just as uncomfortable and difficult to process with each viewing.

I’m also curious to see how the incident will affect Mary Jane’s family, should BET decide to renew the show for a fourth season. Will it keep Niecy from achieving her goals? Will it force MJ to take a public stand? (I feel like that second one is pretty much a given.)

Elsewhere in the episode…

* Can Mary Jane somehow get a restraining order on her past? In this final hour alone, she was faced with two reminders of her complicated history with David — his mother dropped by MJ’s house to tell her that David still loves her, and MJ bumped into David (with his wife and child) during a night out with Kara — but thanks to Mary J. Blige’s “No More Drama” playing on a loop in her head, MJ resisted succumbing to her usual brand of self-destructive coping mechanisms. I’m actually really proud of her.

MJ is visited by Simone, then bumps into David in public. Simone comes to MJ’s house to tell her about David’s baby. She’s crazy. She came to tell her that David still loves her and he never stopped. David knows he messed up. He’s beyond sorry. “No more drama.” “You want what you want, and to hell with anyone else’s pain.” Amazing tell-off.

* Mary Jane’s brief foray into the world of white dudes has ended before it even truly began. She may have been willing to defend interracial romance on national TV — her relationship with Eddie became a national talking point, even ending up as a hot topic on The Real — but there was one thing she couldn’t get past: his inability to fully understand her daily struggle, which MJ now believes no white man ever can. “I like black men,” she told him. “I like black love.” Unsurprisingly, his surrender came shortly thereafter.

* Mary Jane finally got Cece out of her life — and more importantly out of her wallet — by setting up a fake interview for a book about their experience together. Getting Cece to detail her extortion plot (on the record) ensured that MJ’s season-long rival would be leaving the building in handcuffs. But CeCe, ever the classiest dame on all of television, made a graceful exit, offering a tip of her hat to her victorious rival — though that was after she called MJ a “slutty drunk bitch” and accused her of killing Lisa. That part wasn’t so classy.

* Kara was called on the carpet for accusing Marisol of having an affair with Greg, who threatened to fire her if she didn’t straighten things out. But when Kara attempted (poorly) to make the conflict go away, she was presented with a most unfortunate stipulation: Marisol will only drop it if she’s offered the anchor spot on Kara’s new show. Dun, dun, dun!